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Case Study Template

Template for Case Studies

(1) WHY this site?

Your argument for why this org should be included in our analysis

(2) Screen shot

Per Filiz prototype post on Kodak
(a) Screenshot of account (how-to capture screenshot)
(b) Info for this chart should be in narrative form, not as annotated image. We will standardize on annotations/commentary later.

(3) Data on tweets

Data per prototype post Kodak
:: Sample: last 100 tweets or sample the same day going back in time by week if the entity tweets a lot
:: Filiz (and perhaps a team) will eventually create these graphics

(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

(this section is mostly copy&paste )

Date data downloaded : date here
Industry sector : which one

Twitter ID : @
Followers : number
Following : number
Ratio followers/following : do the math (>1 is better, to a point)

Number posts : number
Account created : date
First post : date

copy&paste here (not screenshot as it is not searchable)

Twitter : paste URL/make hyperlink
Bio link : paste URL/make hyperlink
Facebook : paste URL/make hyperlink
MySpace : paste URL/hyperlink
LinkedIn : paste URL/hyperlink
Org Blog : paste URL/hyperlink
Org website home : paste URL/hyperlink
Other : paste URL/hyperlink

Your narrative describing the organization

(5) Analysis

A. General
(A.1) Background
(A.2) Avatar
(A.3) Bio
(A.4) Transparency (see Margery’s Alaska post)
(A.5) Bio Link (see Margery’s Alaska post)

B. Tweets
(see Margery’s Alaska post)
(B.1) Replies
(B.2) ReTweets
(B.3) DM requests
(B.4) Hashtags
(B.5) (favorite tweets?)
(B.6) Narrative summary

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Questions unearthed during analysis
(C.2) Suggestions for improvement

D. Analytic Services (to come next week)

E. Conclusion
(E.1) Narrative
(E.2) Scorecard Summary

Single-space “command” in WordPress is “return+shift”

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  1. 21 July 2009 2:56 pm

    I’d like to add a category for “widget use” that allows users of websites to tweet content they find through/on the brand/biz/org homepage!


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