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Company Profile Analysis on Twitter: @kodakCB

14 July 2009

I analyzed @kodakCB on Twitter; its visual identity and discourse according to 100 Tweets posted between Jun 26 – Jul 13, 2009. Its social media presence is greater by far than any other photography related brands online.

Visual Identity & Discourse Analysis by @filizefe - Jul 2009

Visual Identity & Discourse Analysis by @filizefe - Jul 2009


Jennifer Cisney – Kodak’s Chief Blogger and Social Media Manager.

Design Geek. Photography Nut. Check out

Location: Rochester, NY

Joined: Tue 29 Apr 2008 21:06

Following: 9840

Followers: 10013

Updates: 3004

Favorites: 151

Friend: Yes

Protected: No




Kodak preferred to show the smiling face of their social media representative on their avatar. This immediately gives a warmer effect, a human touch to the profile.

The avatar photograph is not a studio photograph; on the contrary it is an ordinary and casual profile picture, probably captured by a point and shoot camera and framed arbitrarily.

The ordinary look (hair style, no heavy make-up) of the representative also encourages the potential conversation with their followers.


Kodak preferred to give the representatives’ website and personal information on BIO. This again reflects the human face of the corporate identity. This doesn’t mean that one cannot reach Kodak corporate website but the social media requires interpersonal communication and Kodak with this profile seems on the right track.

The representative reveals her character by giving clues such as “Design geek” and “Photography nut”

The number of following-follower-updates balance also gives the idea that this page not only “talks” but also “listens”.


Following chart shows the tone of the conversation according to the 100 tweets posted between Jun 26 and Jul 13, 2009.

Tone of Conversation Chart by @filizefe - Jul 2009

Tone of Conversation Chart by @filizefe - Jul 2009

As the chart shows, the tone of @kodakCB’s voice is mostly conversational (@replies). Every 1 tweet out of 4 is corporate marketing/PR related.

This conversational balance on visual identity and discourse has most probably a great impact to maintain relationships and build communities on social media. I found @kodakCB highly successful on designing and implementing a social media strategy on Twitter.

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