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Getting Stats Up-To-Date

10 February 2010

Hi, folks – per email discussion, I have made a general call for help for this weekend, 13-14 February. Let’s use the #uwtwtrbook hashtag for discussion. I have tickets to the ballet Saturday night, so I will be offline after about 6 pm.

The goal is to populate a set of tables with data related to all of the Twitter accounts we are profiling, either Sat 13 February or Sun 14 February.

Everyone should download their tables doc linked in the final book chapters blog post. In addition, I will have a few “can you help, please” documents at the bottom of this post. (Some of those will be people who are unable to do this over the weekend, like Paul, who will be on an airplane flying to Seattle.)

There are a few pre-reqs.

  • A copy of Word or a word processor that will open Word documents
  • A screen capture utility. For Mac folks, I highly recommend Skitch; for PC folks, JingProject. Both are free. If you are using Aviary, be advised that the “full page” capture feature does not work reliably with TweetStats; you should simply take two screen shots.
  • With Skitch, be sure to check the “export at original size” tick-box.
  • Change the default capture/save file format to .png
  • Set your computer monitor resolution to at least 1280×800 (higher resolutions acceptable)


  • Download your table document (it is a .docx file – shout if you need plain .doc) — there is one for each student. I’ve changed the table format a little bit, so please replace any prior downloads.
  • Let your browser take your full screen real estate.
  • Open five tabs on your browser: one each for TweetStats, TwitterGraderKloutFollowCost and TwitterCounter
  • For each Twitter profile in your table, run the analysis on each analytic tool.
  • Make a full screen capture of each tab. Please use this naming convention:
    • TweetStats: you will need to scroll and make two captures – TS_twitterhandle_1.png (1st screen), TS_twitterhandle_2.png (2nd screen) – example1, example2
    • TwitterGrader: TG_twitterhandle.png – example
    • Klout: please capture the number and the profile type – K_twitterhandle.png – example
    • FollowCost: FC_twitterhandle.png – example – FC gives you the average T/day for the last 100 tweets
    • TwitterCounter: select followers for the last 3 mos – TC_twitterhandle.png   – example
  • Double check to make sure that you have indeed successfully made a screen grab (failure to do this step hobbled my intern fall quarter).
  • Populate the three tables with data from the analytics:
    • TS – average daily, @replies, RTs, interface
    • TG – total followers, following, tweets, TG grade and TG ranking
    • K – score and profile type
    • FC – the average daily rate for last 100 tweets
  • When you are finished, put all screen grabs and the revised Word doc in a folder, zip it, and either upload it to Catalyst or mail it to me ( address, please) via

If you’re still feeling friendly towards the book, consider processing one of the “please help” tables below. If you choose to do this, PLEASE say so in a comment — which means first check the comments to see if help is still needed!

Thanks a million!

Addendum : Help Needed With

  • Food Banks tables and screen captures (d0c)
  • Food Service tables and screen captures (d0c)
  • Class speakers – 01 (d0c)
  • Class speakers – 02 (d0c)
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