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Profile: @TheJointStaff

25 August 2009

Why this site?
The Joint Chiefs of Staff have a very high profile (lots of mentions in the news) and the followers have increased approx. 50% since the Marines banned Twitter.


Screenshot of @TheJointStaff 8-25-09

Screenshot of @TheJointStaff 8-25-09

Date data downloaded: August 25, 2009
Industry sector: Military
Twitter ID: @TheJointStaff
Followers: 6,370
Following: 30
Ratio followers/following: 212/1
Posts: 78
Joined Twitter: Apr. 3, 2009

Twitter bio: “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen



Bio link:



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen is an avid Twitter user and promoter of government transperancy.

A. General
Background: Large logo appears in background but is unreadable and no information is given. Grade: D
Avatar: Not a bad photo but official IDs are more easily recognizable if they use a logo for an avatar. Grade: B
Bio: Underutilized. More keywords need to be included. Grade: C
Transparency: Unable to tell if the Admiral tweets or if it’s his PA office. Grade: D
Bio Link: Points to The Joint Chief of Staffs’ Web site. Grade: A

B. Tweets: (only 78 available)

0 were @ replies
0 were retweets
0 DM requests
1 message included hashtags

Favorite Tweet: This one got my hopes up! It appears in this tweet that the Chairman is willing to take questions from the public via social media… If they’ve doing it on Youtube already, might it be possible that they will soon realize that Twitter is a perfect medium for this type of conversation?

Tweet from @TheJointStaff

Summary: Overall, I was rather disappointed by the stats I found. While I was happy to see the someone with this much authority tweeting, I was saddened by the lack of conversation. Several of the tweets gave me encouragement that it is only a matter of time.

C. Outstanding questions/conclusion:

I’m not entirely sure, who is tweeting (if not Adm. Mullen, give name+rank+contact info)?

Adm. Mullen is a fantastic advocate for Twitter!  Unfortunately, he and his staff have likely not had the time to fully investigate its capabilities or they have decided that the resources aren’t available to do anymore than they’re doing now.

Scorecard Summary:
Background: D
Avatar: B
Bio: C
Transparency: D
Tweets: D
Overall: C

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