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Profile: @EUCOM

25 August 2009

Why this site?
The fact that the U.S. European Command has a separate ID for news got me curious. I was also impressed with the overall appearance.


Screenshot of @EUCOM 8-25-09

Screenshot of @EUCOM 8-25-09

Date data downloaded: August 25, 2009
Industry sector: Military
Twitter ID: @EUCOM
Followers: 379
Following: 362
Ratio followers/following: 1.05/1
Posts: 320
Joined Twitter: May 28, 2009

Twitter bio: “News Headlines in the US European Command theater of operations


Twitter: &
Bio link:




First I must say the EUCOM has the best Web site I’ve even seen in the military… Truly amazing! More importantly, The United States European Command is located in Struttgart, Germany and is a unified combatant command led by Admiral James G. Stavridis. The only branch of the U.S. military that isn’t stationed there is the Coast Guard.

A. General

Background: Graphics are amazing and aliases for six other social media sites are provided. Background seems to be created specifically for my resolution. Grade: A.
Avatar: Perfect! Logos are easily recognizable. Grade: A
Bio: Underutilized. More keywords need to be included. Grade: C
Transparency: For the Twitter ID you can tell that this is specifically for news. Unable to tell who is actually writing the news stories. Grade: C
Bio Link: Points to the EUCOM Web site which is also listed in the background. Grade: A

B. Tweets: (only 78 available)

0 were @ replies
0 were retweets
0 DM requests
all message included hashtags #new and #military

Summary: Overall, I was rather disappointed by the stats I found. While I was happy to see the someone with this much authority tweeting, I was saddened by the lack of conversation. Hashtags are also used inadequately.

C. Outstanding questions/conclusion:

Who is writing the news stories (name+rank+contact info)?

I appreciate EUCOM’s decision to create multiple IDs for different purposes. When it comes to an ID specifically for news, hashtags are the key to success if used correctly. My suggestion would be to categorize stories using hashtags based on location and branch of military. Using popular hashtags such as #military and #news can be helpful only if the stories potentially have a global audience.

Scorecard Summary:
Background: D
Avatar: B
Bio: C
Transparency: D
Tweets: D
Overall: B

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  1. 29 August 2009 2:08 pm

    Thank you for the your candid assessment of our @EUCOMnews Twitter site. We will definitely make enhancements to this account based on your comments to ensure we use this medium effectively to communicate and establish quality conversations with our audiences. Though we use this account to deliver mainstream media news about military activities and events in Europe, we primarily use our @US_EUCOM account to establish two-way dialogue with our followers.

    Ed Buclatin, Captain, US Navy
    EUCOM Director of Public Affairs

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