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Politician Profile – Mike McGinn

25 August 2009

(1) WHY this site?

Mike McGinn is currently a candidate for Mayor of Seattle.  McgGinn has been very active on Twitter as well as other social media sites, and has gone from being a relative unknown in the race for mayor to a surprising first place in the primary.  The McGinn campaign uses Twitter as a way to build excitement about the campaign, which makes it an interesting account to profile.

(2) Screen shot


(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

Date data downloaded : Aug 24 2009
Industry sector :  Politicians

Twitter ID : @mginnformayor
Followers : 1159
Following : 1953
Ratio followers/following :0 .59

Number posts :689
Account created : April 9 2009
First post : April 9 2009

Michael McGinn is running for mayor of Seattle–and for Seattle’s future.

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :
Org Blog :
Org website home :

Mike McGinn is a relatively unknown politician in the Seattle area that has surprised many by advancing from the primary election to the general election in the campaign for Mayor of Seattle.  What is most shocking about his victory in the primary is that he defeated the incumbent mayor.  McGinn has done a lot of work to leverage social media for his campaign.

(5) Analysis

A. General – A-
(A.1) Background – McGinn’s background is simple, yet well branded.  I do think he misses an opportunity to put in a little more information about himself on the background, but overall I like the clean look.  A-
(A.2) Avatar – The avatar is a great close-up of McGinn’s face and is clearly professionally done.  A
(A.3) Bio – McGinn’s bio is concise and has a call to action.  It also contains good key words for search engines.  A
(A.4) Transparency – The account isn’t run by McGinn, and nowhere on the page states that it isn’t him on the account.  There are subtle clues, as the account isn’t written in the first person, but I think it would be good to be more clear about who is doing the updating.  B-
(A.5) Bio Link – The bio link goes to his campaign website, which is perfect.  A

B. Tweets – B
(B.1) Replies – 10/100
(B.2) ReTweets – 41/100
(B.3) DM requests – none
(B.4) Hashtags – 18/100
(B.6) Narrative summary – McGinn primarily uses RTs to retweet things other people have said about him.  In this sense, he has been using Twitter as a way to build hype.  He also uses replies to say thank you more than engage in conversation with followers.  His use of hashtags is solid, as he hypes his own tag #totv (tweet out the vote).

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Questions unearthed during analysis – My big question is why they aren’t more open with who tweets for the account.
(C.2) Suggestions for improvement – I would suggest more engagement with followers.  Rather than just hype themselves, I think there would be value in joining in the conversations going on about the election.

E. Conclusion
(E.1) Narrative – The McGinn campaign is very active on Twitter, and has done a good job of gaining followers, but I believe they could do a better job of being transparent and engaging other Twitter users.
(E.2) Scorecard Summary

  • General: A-
  • Tweets: B
  • Overall: B+

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  1. 25 August 2009 6:32 pm

    Hi Jon, thanks for this excellent evaluation of the McGinn twitter account. We’ve made some changes based upon your recommendations.

    First, we’ve changed the profile picture from Mike to a logo. We thought that would help clear up any confusion about whether this was a campaign or a personal account. Second, we’ve added Mike’s personal twitter account to the bio–the same reasoning applies.

    We’d enjoy any more feedback that you have. Thanks for your analysis and we look forward to the book.

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