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Twitter profile: @donatifamily

23 August 2009

(1) Why this site?
@donatifamily is the Twitter handle for Donati Family Vineyard. Brandy Bell tweets on behalf of the winery and has managed to gain a sizable following on Twitter due to her funny, conversational tone.

(2) Screenshot:

(3) Data on tweets – TBD

(4) Stats:
Date data downloaded: August 22, 2009
Industry sector: Wine

Twitter ID: @donatifamily
Followers: 1,876
Following: 1,961
Ratio followers/following: 0.96
Posts: 3,984
Joined Twitter: Jan. 25, 2009

Twitter bio: “Drink Donati – you’ll thank yourself with every sip.”

Bio link:
Blog: N/A
Facebook: N/A
MySpace: N/A
LinkedIn: N/A
Org Web site home:

About: The Donatis came to Paicines (pronounced pie see ness), in California’s Central Coast, in 1998 when they purchased land that would soon become home to Matt Donati and his family. Since then, Matt and his father Ron, engaged in planting the family vineyard and planning their state-of-the-art winery.

(5) Analysis
A. General
(A.1)Background: The background image is a close-up of stacked wine bottles. While the image is relevant, the brand is unidentifiable. Grade B.
(A.2) Avatar: The avatar is an image of the Donati Family Winery brand. Grade A.
(A.3) Bio: The bio doesn’t say much more than “Drink our wine.” The call to action needs more substance. We don’t learn anything about the winery here. Grade C.
(A.4) Transparency: Bell’s name is clearly listed as managing this Twitter handle. Grade A.
(A.5) Bio Link: The bio link points back to the winery homepage. Grade A.

B. Tweets: Grade A.
Out of previous 100 tweets as of Aug. 22, 2009 at 9:06 a.m. PST
(B.1) 130 were @ replies
(B.2) 14 were retweets
(B.3) 0 requests
(B.4) 6 hashtags (#ff)
(B.5) Multiple favorites (Compliments, positive wine reviews, funny tweets)
(B.6) Based upon her tone and favorites, Brandy likes to create and engage funny, light-hearted tweets. She uses @ replies frequently to maintain conversation.

Tweet totals (via TweetStats)
-29.6 tweets per day
– @ replies are 73.81% of tweets
– ReTweets are 5.25% of tweets

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Outstanding questions: Why do you refrain from using hashtags? Are you interested in sharing more about the brand visually? Why/ why not?
(C.2) Suggestions: Make the bio more informative. Improve the background image.

D. Analytical Services TBD.

E. Conclusion:
(E.1) Bell embraces her position as the voice of Donati Family Vineyards online by interjecting her persona into her communications. She uses a funny, candid tone to remain relevant in stream of conversations.

(E.2) Scorecard Summary:
Background: B
Avatar: A
Bio: C
Transparency: A
Tweets: A
Overall: A-

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