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Profile: @AFPAA

20 August 2009

(1) WHY this site?

One of the most aesthetically pleasing and most developed IDs I came across. They’ve used Twitter since Oct. 2008 and they’re tweets per month continually grew until February when it topped out at 407. Since, the numbers have steadily declined. I want to investigate into why this might be whether or not I should consider them as a model for best practices.

(2) Screen shot

Picture 34

Screenshot of @AFPAA 8/19/09

(3) Data on tweets

Coming Soon!


Date data downloaded : 8-19-09
Industry sector : Military

Twitter ID : @AFPAA

Followers: 6111
Following: 299
Ratio followers/following: 20/1

Number posts: 1432
Account created: 10-07-08

First post: 10-07-08

Bio: Official U.S. Air Force Twitter: news, images, video from about our Airmen around the world. (Following does not=endorsement.)

Bio link/Blog:
Facebook: (protected)


The Air Force’s Public Affairs Agency is located at the Pentagon. They have the most advanced social media guide that I’ve seen made public.

Via: The Air Force Historical Research Agency

Established as Air Force Service Information and News Center, and activated as a separate operating agency, on 1 Jun 1978. Redesignated Air Force News Center on 1 Apr 1990. Became a field operating agency on 5 Feb 1991. Redesignated: Air Force News Agency on 1 Aug 1991; Air Force Public Affairs Agency on 1 Oct 2008.

I find it interesting that a week after the agency was re-established they started using Twitter!

It is somewhat unclear, but it seems that this agency may set precedence for all of the other PA offices.

(4) Analysis
A. General

(A.1) Background: Aesthetically pleasing (must have been designed specifically for my resolution) and incredibly official looking. Grade: A

(A.2) Avatar: The blue Air Force wings would likely be more recognizable as an avatar. The logo that is used now would possibly look good in the background. Grade: B

(A.2) Bio: Lets everyone know its official and uses good keywords. Grade: A

(A.4) Transparency: Agency profile and several other social media IDs posted.  No information about who tweets. Grade: B

(A.5) Bio Link: Goes to, a extremely well written blog with lots of pictures! Grade: A

B. Tweets

(B.1) Replies: 33/100

(B.2) ReTweets: 6/100 – Via: 2/100
(B.3) DM requests: 0/100
(B.4) Number of post which include at least one hashtags: 15/100 (Only hashtag used: #AFGSC)
(B.5) Favorite tweet:

Picture 38

This shows that right from the start they have been paving the way. Just wanted to highlight here that the public affairs dept. worked directly with the IT dept. to secure their space in the social media realm.

(B.6) Summary: Not enough use of hashtags. Overall very conversational and well written.

C. Questions/Suggestions

It appears that they are skeptical of following everyone who follows them even though they have the disclaimer. Does this present any kind of security risk? Is there another reason?

Why is ^ used in front of some tweets?

Why are the number of tweets going down?

Who tweets?

Augmentation: More links could be provided to smaller Air Force and other military PA offices with important information.

D. Analytic Services



E. Conclusion

(E.1)Whats done well: Started using Twitter in Oct. 2008, lots of conversations (@ replies), great background, links to interesting blog posts, and an incredible social media guide.

(E.2)Whats missing: Information about who is tweeting.

Scorecard Summary:

Background: A
Avatar: B
Bio: A
Transparency: B
Tweets: B
Overall: B

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