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Profile: @SFFoodBank

19 August 2009

San Francisco Food Bank

Industry sector : Non-Profit/Food Bank

Twitter ID : @sffoodbank
Followers : 1045
Following : 105
Ratio followers/following : .9.952

Number posts : 208
Account created :  December 17, 2008
First post :  December 17, 2008

Why:   Even before the economic downturn, 150,000 San Franciscans live at or near the poverty line. San Francisco Food Bank has a strong presence in their area and is slowly growing their online presence using Twitter and other social media tools.  The are also working to engage their current supporters and leverage their ‘celebrity’ supporters to increase the dialogue outside of those in the traditional ‘hunger movement.’

Bio link :
Facebook :
Org Blog :
Other (YouTube):

About: “ We collect millions of pounds of food from growers, packers, processors, manufacturers, the USDA and grocery stores. This can include test-marketed products, items close to code date, produce that is the wrong shape or size for conventional markets and excess. Food drives are an important source of variety.





  We truck donated food to our warehouse. Multiple tractor trailer loads of produce come in through the week – these precious, highly perishable items get moved through our warehouse within 24 hours.





  Volunteers sort, repack and shelve almost 300 tons of food at our warehouse every week, doing the work of what would be about 36 full-time employees. At any given time, we have around 2 million pounds of food in our warehouse.





        We deliver food to over 300 non-profit food partners. This includes 200+ neighborhood pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, homeless shelters and youth programs.




        Visitors to our neighborhood pantries select food at weekly farmers’ market-style distributions to cook at home. Food from the Food Bank is also prepared at soup kitchens and packaged into bag lunches for school and summer programs. In all, we serve over 147,000 people each year.


(5) Analysis

A. General

(A.1) Background: B Uses photo of tomatoes, highlighting the fresh food provided by the food bank.  This could be beneficial, as food banks are trying hard to dispel the myth that they only offer unhealthy, processed food.

(A.2) Avatar: A Uses the food bank logo, which complements the green color of the tomato vines.

(A.3) Transparency: C

(A.4) Bio:  D – “Keep track of what’s going on at San Francisco Food Bank” offers no context or information about the organization’s vital mission.  Needs to

B. Tweets as of July 26

(B.1) Replies:  19%
(B.2) ReTweets: 8%
(B.3) DM requests: ?.
(B.4) Hashtags: 6 hashtags
(B.5) Favorite tweets: Want to be inspired? 5-year Phoebe raised enough to buy $33,626 worth of groceries for SF hungry! Video: 
(B.6) Having cautiously approached using Twitter, @sffoodbank has done a great job of establishing a report with community leaders, enlisting bloggers, chefs to support them.   The have a host of other social media components and strong desire to inspire and engage their audience. 

C. Questions/Suggestions:

(C.1) Questions unearthed?:  How many sites are being served by this food bank, what are the challenges of feeding an urban population?  How many volunteers are donating time per week?  Some of the basic question I’d love seen addressed on the Twitter bio page.

(C.2) Suggestions for Improvement: .  There are a few opportunities to tell their story in a more compelling manner through Twitter, first, by changing the profile and letting first-time members know more about their accomplishments.

E.  Conclusion:  @SFFoodBank has come very far from the secret account they made to test out Twitter.  They have recently reached their first metrics goal: 1,000 followers.  While there are some changes that could be made to the look of the site, the content is strong and the engagement is active.

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