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Profile: @gleaners

19 August 2009

Posted by: The Full Report

 Industry sector : Non-Profit/Food Bank

Twitter ID : @gleaners
Followers : 666
Following : 135
Ratio followers/following : .019

Number posts : 179
Account created : September 01, 2008
First post :  September 01, 2008

Why:  Strong example of following best practice.  Excellent integration of other mediums and introduces readers to a holistic view of the food bank, from volunteers, to corporate donors to events that support the food bank.  Also engages readers with quotes, and news about hunger in the country.


Bio link :
Facebook :
MySpace : (last login 3/19/2009)
LinkedIn :
Org Blog :  n/a – hunger profiles at
Other (YouTube):

About: “As one of the oldest food banks in the United States, Gleaners Community Food Bank’s mission is to turn surplus food, which otherwise would go to waste, into millions of nutritious meals for hungry people in southeastern Michigan. For more than 32 years, we’ve been “nourishing communities by feeding hungry people”. Since 1977, Gleaners Community Food Bank has grown from distributing just one or two million pounds of food a year to more than 28 million pounds annually, equivalent to over 404,000 meals per month.

Gleaners is committed to adopting best practices and cost-effective systems and procedures to achieve the highest possible return on its human and financial resources. Gleaners fulfills its role with a sense of compassion and urgency, recognizing that in many instances, it is the only source of emergency food for persons in need.”

(5) Analysis

A. General

(A.1) Background: D By using the generic background, @gleaners reduces the effectiveness of the background and misses out on the story-telling opportunity. 

 (A.2) Avatar: B The Gleaners logo is recognizable and fits nicely in the allotted area.

(A.3) Transparency: D Doesn’t provide any information about the organization or who is tweeting.

(A.4) Bio:  D  Not quite as full as could be.  Needs to also include information about who is tweeting, the history of the organization, where the

B. Tweets as of July 26

(B.1) Replies:  15%
(B.2) ReTweets: 25%
(B.3) DM requests: ?.
(B.4) Hashtags: 4 hashtags
(B.5) Favorite tweets: Thanks the letter carriers, Teamsters #299 and other volunteers for delivering on Saturday, and a big thanks to everyone who donated food!7:00 AM May 11th from TweetDeck 

C. Questions/Suggestions

(C.1)Questions unearthed?: There are numerous “gleaners” organizations across the country.  How are the related, if at all, and how is their function different from a traditional food bank?

(C.2) Suggestions for Improvement:  Telling the story through the background is extremely important and puts organizations.

E.  Conclusion

The Gleaners have begun a strong dialogue with their community. As one of the oldest food banks in the United States, they have a great deal to be proud of and to share with their co-hort.  At this point in time, they have a great opportunity to increase the level of information they provide to the Twitter community, especially to those just learning about the organization. Enhanced transparency and biography will help set them apart from other organizations, as will a unique background to continue telling the story of hunger and how they achieve their mission.  Tweets about their mission, their unique approach to combating hunger as well as the cost-cutting measures mentioned in the mission section of the website would be beneficial information for their donors and other food banks.

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