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Profile: Detroit Diaper Bank

19 August 2009

Detroit Area Diaper Bank

 Industry sector : Non-Profit

Twitter ID : @DADiaperBank
Followers : 522
Following : 259
Ratio followers/following : 2.01

Number posts : 1,572
Account created :  April 02, 2009
First post :  April 02, 2009

Why:  @DADiaperBank illustrates the leveling power of Twitter.  This is a one-woman organization relying on Twitter & Facebook to create buzz and raise awareness about the need for diapers. In just four months (April – July 1) she has already raised about 13,000 diapers for distribution within her community. Posts are interesting and conversational; a good mix of information, community conversation and awareness-raising about the importance of making diapers available to vulnerable communities.


Bio link :
Facebook :
LinkedIn :

About: “Our mission is to raise awareness about the large hole in the “safety net” resulting in the unmet need for diapers in our community’s most vulnerable populations — babies from low-income households, the elderly, people with disabilities — and build a network to help meet it.  Since diapers aren’t covered by WIC, Food Stamps or Medicare (except for hospice), the Diaper Bank focuses on raising funds and collecting diapers, then distributes them to partner nonprofit agencies working with individuals and families in need.

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank is modeled after the Southern Arizona Community Diaper Bank, the nation’s first, founded in Tucson in 1994.  The model recognizes that people and families who need diapers most likely need other social services as well.  (read here about their history and inspiration)

Instead of reinventing another social service delivery system, the Diaper Bank partners with organizations such as family services agencies, crisis nurseries, domestic abuse shelters, food banks, senior centers and faith-based organizations who provide the diapers directly to their clients in need.”


(5) Analysis

A. General

(A.1) Background: A-  The logo’s city skyline graphic, which is eye-catching and sets the stage for this being a city program.  Details of the program on the left hand provides additional context to the program.

(A.2) Avatar: C The Diaper Bank logo, which is great in and of its self, does not match the background and becomes jarring to the eye.   

(A.3) Transparency: A-  Shows that the organization is a 510(c)3, but doesn’t provide the information for the author of the tweets, Marybeth Levine.

(A.4) Bio:  A  Clear, concise explanation of what the organization does and why.  The Detroit Area Diaper Bank is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity working to fill a huge hole in the safety net: diapers. WIC, Food Stamps, Medicare don’t provide.

B. Tweets

(B.1) Replies:  22%
(B.2) ReTweets: 54%
(B.3) DM requests: ?.
(B.4) Hashtags: 23 hashtags
(B.5) Favorite tweets:  I used to joke there’s no need to ever leave Canton so I didn’t know my way around other areas, benefit of doing DADB, I go everywhere now!
* Where do the poor turn if what this article says is true? “We’re not meeting people’s needs, and that is on purpose.”

(B.6) DADiaper Bank is a one-woman show enlisting her community to support the neediest of citizens, poor children.  While the website is not flashy, it has a clear case laid out why diaper are crucial.  Knowing the argument against disposable diapers, the site explains why other alternatives are not an option for this  cohort.  Marybeth Levine talks directly to her audience, laughs about her travails, is visibly outraged and chats with her friends about the work.

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1)Questions unearthed?: How does she have time to keep updating?  She has, by far, more tweets per month than other organizations.

E.  Conclusion) Suggestions for Improvement:   Marybeth’s tone is refreshing and extremely conversational.  I’d love to see hear stories of people receiving the diapers, but that may not be possible since she is distributing to other organizations.  The issue of background and logo continuity should be addressed, because this site is by far “one to watch.”

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