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Profile: Delancey

18 August 2009

Delancey Screen Grab

(1) WHY this site?

Delancey’s restaurant had nearly 1,800 followers on August 12. A shocking stat considering the restaurant had just opened its doors that evening. Instead of using traditional advertising and marketing, Brandon Pettit used Twitter to tell the story of Delancey’s opening and create a buzz in the Seattle foodie community.

Data on tweets

Industry sector :food service

Twitter ID : @delanceyseattle
Followers : 1,949
Following : 180

Number posts : 430
Account created : 3/11/ 2009
First post : 3/11/2009


A Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant

Twitter : paste URL/make hyperlink
Bio link :

Even though his new eatery was hadn’t opened, Brandon Pettit used Twitter to garner a following in the thousands. He charted the story of the restaurant’s opening, as well as engaged with the local foodie community. The restaurant has a bare bones website, but Twitter is the main source of online promotion for the new pizzeria.

(5) Analysis

A. General
(A.1) Background – No Background

(A.2) Avatar – Great shot of one of Delancey’s pizzas

(A.3) Bio – short bio, not very descriptive.
(A.4) Transparency – it is clear that the owner, Brandon, is tweeting for the account.

(A.5) Bio Link – Delancey’s official website, although there is only a link back to the Twitter account

B. Tweets

Delancey Twitter Stream Analysis Chart

(B.1) Replies –¬† 46% of Delancey’s tweets are @replies, showing a high level of engagement with customers and the community.

(B.2) ReTweets – no retweets

(B.6) Narrative summary – 48% of Delancey’s tweet stream is made up of statements. These give a peek into the running of the restaurant and creative a narative for followers to get involved with.

tweetstats delancey

Like La Bocca, Delancey’s is creating Twitter-based relationships to help ensure the restaurant is fully booked once its doors open.

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