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Profile @Southcoasthosp

17 August 2009

1) WHY this site?

I think this site should be included in the analysis because it is a hospital currently using social media tools for crisis communication

(2) Screen shot

Picture 14

(3) Data on tweets


(4) Date data downloaded : 8/8/09

Industry sector : Health Care

Twitter ID : @SouthCoastHosp
: 534
: 8
: 254
Ratio followers/following : 6.75

Account created : 4/9/2009

Bio: Southcoast Hospitals is Charlton Memorial in Fall River, St. Luke’s in New Bedford and Tobey in Wareham.

Twitter :

Bio link :


Org website home :

About: Southcoast Health System is a community based health delivery system with multiple access points, offering an integrated continuum of health services throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and East Bay, Rhode Island.

It includes the three hospitals that make up Southcoast Hospitals Group — Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford and Tobey Hospital in Wareham.

(5) Analysis

In the Tweets that I analyzed some of the ways that Southcoast Hospital (SCH)is using Twitter includes: Event promotion hashtag# use and real-time feeds using key words and crisis communication.

A. General

1. The background is customized and contains a picture of each one of the hospitals within the system.   A

2. SCH uses a graphic of a SCH as their Avatar.   A

3. Bio-the bio references SCH with  a link to their homepage. A

4. Transparency-The Twitter page does not identify who is moderating the Twitter account.   E

B. Tweets
Replies: 4
ReTweets 1
DM requests o

Hashtags 55

Narrative summary

Southcoast Hospital is using Twitter to promote events/information and as a crisis communication tool.

4 Questions unearthed during analysis
Q. Who is Tweeting for the health system?

I was not able to find this information with the Twitter account or webpages.

D. Conclusion


From my evaluation of the Twitter account use for this organization Twitter is used for promotion and as an  informational tool during a crisis.

#Hashtag use is prominant in the Tweets that were evaluated. The tweets with hashtags # used key words that are dumped into a real time stream.  ( I could find no blog use) Few @replies were noted and only 1 RT. I was not able to find information on how someone would  DM a question or comment during the # hashtag events noted event .

Comments and suggestions: 1. Define who is Tweeting for the account!  2. Increase the use of @ replies (look at the Real-time feed many people mention SCH)

3. RT> RT>RT> 4. Follow more people ( health care has very interesting folks to follow)

Scorecard Summary

Background: A


Overall: B

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