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Profile @Group_health

17 August 2009

1) WHY this site?

I think this site should be included in the analysis because it is a consumer-governed,nonprofit health care system using Twitter.

(2) Screen shot

Picture 21

(3) Data on tweets


(4) Date data downloaded : 8/7/09

Industry sector : Health Care

Twitter ID : @group_health

Followers : 182

Following : 30

Tweets: 79
Ratio followers/following : 6.06

Account created : 3/18/2009

Bio: Group Health is a consumer-governed, nonprofit health care system that integrates care and coverage in Washington state and northern Idaho.

Twitter :

Bio link :

Org website home :http://www.


Founded in 1947, Group Health Cooperative is a consumer-governed, nonprofit health care system that coordinates care and coverage. Based in Seattle, Wash., Group Health and its subsidiary health carriers, Group Health Options, Inc. and KPS Health Plans, serve more than half a million residents of Washington state and Idaho.


(5) Analysis

Some of the ways that the is using Twitter include: hospital program information, community events, health information and clinical trials.

A. General

1. The background is a customized graphic using the GH logo.    A

2.GH uses a graphic of Group Health as their Avatar.   A

3. Bio-the bio references Group Health with  a link to the GH  homepage. A

4. Transparency-The Twitter page does not clearly identify who is managing the account.  E

Bio Link-the bio link takes you to the Group Health webpage.

B. Tweets 174
ReTweets 31
DM requests 0

Hashtags 0

Narrative summary

Group Health is using Twitter to provide information on research, programs, news and health care policy discussion.

4 Questions unearthed during analysis
Q. Who is Tweeting for the GH Twitter account?

I was not able to locate that information on their website.

D. Conclusion


GH is an organization that is using Twitter but could add some RT and @ replies to incorporate conversation. A additional suggestion would be to list the name of  the individual (s) Tweeting for your organization on the bio. This provides transparency and is considered a best practice for using Twitter.
(E.2) Scorecard Summary

Background: A

Avatar: A
Bio: A

Overall: B

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