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Profile @ChildrensMercy

17 August 2009

1) WHY this site?

I think this site should be included in the analysis because it is a health care organization focusing on social media tools for communication within a children’s hospital.

(2) Screen shot

Picture 2

(3) Data on tweets


(4) Date data downloaded : 8/11/09

Industry sector : Health Care

Twitter ID : @ChildensMercy

Followers : 1,o65

Following : 454

Tweets: 288
Ratio followers/following : 2.34

Account created : 4/20/2009

Bio:Premier, independent pediatric medical cntr actively involved in clinical care, pediatric research, & educating the next generation of pediatric subspeciali

Twitter :

Bio link :


Org website home :



From our beginning as a single bed in 1897, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City has grown into the pediatric specialty provider of choice for families throughout the region. Working closely with community physicians and hospitals, Children’s Mercy makes the highest quality pediatric expertise available for serious and chronic conditions, as well non-critical care. We are here for all children.

(5) Analysis

One of the ways that Chidren’s Mercy  is using Twitter include: As a communication tool for the patients and their family members during surgical procedures and hospital information.

A. General

1. The background is not  customized but contains the CM logo.  B

2.CM uses a graphic of a the Childrens Mercy as their Avatar.   A

3. Bio-the bio references Childrens Mercy with  a link to their homepage. A

4. Transparency-The Twitter page does not identify who is moderating the Twitter account.  (During one of the surgeries a parent is identified as the person who was Tweeting) E

B. Tweets
Replies: 7
ReTweets o
DM requests o

Hashtags 28

Narrative summary

Childrens Mercy is using Twitter as a tool for pediatric patients and their families to communicate before and during surgery. The majority of the Tweets evaluated were done during surgeries and were categorized with hashtags.

4 Questions unearthed during analysis
CMH offers tons of resources for families whose kids are having surgery. Some of these include videos, vitural tours and care cards.

Does Children’s Mercy Hospital plan to offer families information about the surgery’s followed on Twitter? Does CMH plan to  pre-operativley invite families to follow the procedures on Twitter?

D. Conclusion


The is an organization that is using Twitter as a communication/informational tool for patients, parents and others who want to follow along to learn about the procedures.

Comments and suggestions:

The use of a hashtag is noted but not many @replies and no RT. I was not able to find information on how one would DM a question or comment during the procedure. Perhaps adding more information on any additional opportunities for involvement during the procedures could bring more engagement.

Scorecard Summary

Background: B


Overall: B-

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