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17 August 2009

(1) WHY this site?

I think that this site should be included in the analysis because it offers a valuable listing of hospitals in the nation using social media.

(2) Screen shot

Picture 7

(3) Data on tweets



Date data downloaded : 7/31/09
Industry sector : Health Care

Twitter ID : @HospitalGroup

Followers : 1,990

Following : 221

Tweets: 294
Ratio followers/following : 9/1

Number posts : 422
Account created : 12/20/08
First post :  12/20/2008

Bio:This list is managed by Ed Bennett of @ummc and follows all official U.S. Hospital accounts – Contact @edbennett if you want to be added.

Bio link

Org Blog :


Hospital Group is using Twitter to distribute information about hospitals that are using Twitter and other channels of social media. The Twitter account broadcasts new additions to the  Hospital Social Network List available on the blog maintained  by Ed Bennett.

(5) Analysis

A. General
Background:  The background is a standard Twitter graphic.    B
Avatar: Hospital Group uses a graphic of a stethoscope as their Avatar   B
Bio:The bio states that the account is a list and provides information of how to get added.  A
Transparency-Hospital Group clearly identifies that Ed Bennett manages the Twitter account.  A
Bio Link-the bio link takes you Ed Bennett’s blog where he offers the  Hospital Social Network list.  A

B. Tweets   B

Replies: 55
ReTweets 0
DM requests 0
Hashtags 0

(B.6) Narrative summary

This is an excellent use of Twitter as a distribution list. Ed Bennett’s blog also provides information on social media in crisis communication and best practices.  Many of the people who Tweet for hospitals regularly post comments and information to his blog.

C. Questions/Suggestions

The use of Twitter by Hospital Group is for re-posting/distrubution of hospital social media announcements.  The blog Social Media Network List :contains the names and links to hospitals in the US and  great resources on social media use and tips.

Questions unearthed during analysis

Q.  How many other sectors have Twitter accounts that work like Hospital Group’s hospital social media distrubution list?

A. I was not able to identify other sectors using a similar list.

Q. How many other health organizations discuss best practices on their blogs or social media sites?

A. Per Ed Bennetts Blog:Healthcare Social Media Policies List:

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic

Iowa Hospital Association

D. Analytic Services

Source Data is provided on the blog.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

E. Conclusion
The way that Ed is using Twitter to distribute a continues list of hospitals using social media is very innovative. Ed not only sends out a announcement but follows each new hospital listed and that information is cross posted alphabetically to his blog.

Ed  has created an on-line hospital forum that offers a wealth of information for hospitals currently using or considering social media participation.

The only suggestion I could make would be to customize the avatar and background.

Scorecard Summary:

Background: B
Avatar: B
Bio: A
Transparency: A
Tweets: A
Overall: A

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