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17 August 2009

(1) WHY this site?

I think that this site was an interesting because it  focuses on health care policy issues and current activities surrounding health care reform.

(2) Screen shot

Picture 10

(3) Data on tweets



Date data downloaded : 7/31/09
Industry sector : Health Care

Twitter ID : @HealthCaucus
Followers : 1,509
Following : 225
Ratio followers/following : 6.7

Number posts : 422
Account created : 4/22/2009
First post : 5/22/2009

Bio:Official Twitter of the Congressional Health Care Caucus; Rep. Michael C. Burgess, M.D., Chairman (@michaelcburgess) . Edited by @ericwilson

Twitter :
Bio link :



Org Blog :

Org website home


HealthCare Caucus is using Twitter to distribute information, facilitate communication and  to promote health care policy issues chaired by Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. who represents the 26th District of Texas. The company Tweets information about health care policy and bill activity to their  followers.

(5) Analysis

A. General
Background: (A.1) The background is a customized graphic header incorporating the CHCC logo  along with the title “Health Care Caucus”.
(A.2) CHCC uses their logo as their  Avatar.
(A.3) Bio-The bio mentions the organizations name and Rep. Michael C. Burgess, M.D.
(A.4) Transparency-CHCC clearly identifies that @ericwilson is the editor of the Twitter account.
(A.5) Bio Link-the bio link takes you to the Health Care Caucus site.  The site offers the statement below along with video, links to blogs,podcasts, Twitter, RSS and U-Tube.

B. Tweets
Replies: 46  /100
ReTweets 10 /100
DM requests 0 /100
Hashtags 80/100

(B.6) Narrative summary

This is a good example of a Twitter site that uses hashtags to categorize the different events regarding health care reform. There is also allot of conversations taking place on the site as well.

C. Questions/Suggestions

(C.1) Questions unearthed during analysis:

Q. How many other people are members of the Health Care Caucus?

A. Membership in the Caucus is open to all Members of the House Republican Conference and their staff.

Q.How many of the members participate on the Twitter site?

A. The site is primarily used by  the committee chair  Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. who represents the 26th District of Texas.

(C.2) Suggestions for improvement

D. Conclusion


The is an organization that is using Twitter as a distribution list.

Comments and suggestions:

Perhaps adding some re-tweets could add to the discussion taking place nationally on health care reform.

Scorecard Summary

Background: A


Overall: B+

E. Conclusion

This appears to be an effective use of Twitter, for  Rep. Michael C. Burgess, M.D to communicate to his followers work being done on health care reform.

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