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Profile: La Bocca

15 August 2009

Why this site:

Lydia West and Patrick Frank are using Twitter to help turn their restaurant dreams into a reality. Unlike Pettit, they are still in the planning stages, and don’t have an actual premises for their restaurant. They are using Twitter to tell their story, get location suggestions, and menu advice.


Twitter ID : @labocca
Followers : 131
Following : 135
Ratio followers/following : 0.97

Number posts : 150
Account created : 5/25/2009
First post : 5/25/2009

The birth of an Italian restaurant

Twitter :
Bio link :
Blog :

Chef Patrick Frank and his partner Lydia West are using Twitter as a business incubator. The couple intends to open up an Italian restaurant within the year and is using 140 characters to get advice from the local community. The couple is sharing their story via Twitter, Facebook, and a restaurant blog.

A. General
(A.1) Background – no background
(A.2) Avatar – an image of the couple
(A.3) Bio – although the image features the couple, the bio doesn’t identify them, or name the source of the tweets.
(A.4) Transparency – again, it’s not clear who is tweeting on behalf of La Bocca
(A.5) Bio Link – the bio link goes to the La Bocca website which features links to Twitter, Facebook, and the couple’s blog.

La Bocca Twitter Stream Chart

B. Tweets
(B.1) Replies – West and Frank are making a concerted effort to build relationships within the food service community. Thirty-one percent of the last 100 tweets are @replies, showing a high level of interactions with followers.
(B.2) ReTweets – The couple RTs on occasion, only 5 in the last 100 tweets.
(B.5) Statements – Most of La Bocca’s tweets are about the process of starting a restaurant. They are informative and engaging, create a bond between followers and the couple.

tweetstats la bocca

“Going to chat with a chef/owner about a space he has for sale. Pretty small so concerened about seating and ability to stay viable.” – La Bocca

Like Brandon Pettit of Delancey’s, Patrick Frank and Lydia West are hoping to turn a Twitter following into restaurant regulars. Through frequent updates and RTs, La Bocca is interacting with potential diners and establishing relationships with other local businesses.

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