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Profile: Kogi

12 August 2009

Kogi’s Korean BBQ trucks have become a food sensation. Unlike the Dessert Truck, Kogi is using Twitter for more than just location information. The owners use Twitter to interact with customers, give information on specials, and share information.


Twitter ID : @kogibbq

Followers : 41,472

Following : 1521

Number posts : 150
Account created : 11/6/2008
First post : 11/6/2008

Korean BBQ Taco Truck

Twitter :
Bio link :

Chef Roy Choi has taken his special brand of Korean BBQ tacos to the streets with the Kogi food truck. The truck’s Twitter account is used to give followers info on locations and menu items. Amazingly, Kogi has over 40,000 followers, pretty amazing for a LA taco truck.

A. General
(A.1) Background – no background
(A.2) Avatar – an image of the company logo
(A.3) Bio – the bio doesn’t identify the source of the tweets, or give much information about the truck or menu items.
(A.4) Transparency – it is not clear who is tweeting for Kogi
(A.5) Bio Link – the bio link goes to the Kogi website which features links to Twitter and Flickr, as well as You Tube videos.

Kogi Twitter Stream AnalysisB. Tweets
(B.1) Replies – Unlike Albion’s Oven and Dessert Truck, Kogi does use @replies. The Twitter stream is not just a source of one-way communication.
(B.2) Statements – 84% of Kogi’s tweets are either statements or links. This helps followers keep updated on the truck’s whereabouts and any changes in location due to weather or other unforeseen events.

Technical difficulties!! Be @ Eagle Rock by 7pm, JANM 645pm. Sorry!!! Thank u for being patient!! – Kogi

tweetstats kogi

Kogi is proving that Twitter can be useful no matter where you are in the food service industry. Whether you have a million-dollar restaurant, or a food truck, Twitter can help you connect with your customers — keeping them happy and well fed.

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