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Week 8 – Chapter Drafts and Revisions

11 August 2009


  • Housekeeping
  • Chapter, Q&A progress
  • Guest speakers @ 7.30 tonight
  • Thinking (more) about our core idea
  • Writing buddy time


  • Discuss TweetUp next week

Chapter, Q&A progress

Suggestions From Kathy:

  • Everyone: read Beth’s post about Twitter and its impact on two lives – from 2007
  • Everyone: read Paolo’s second draft
  • Please remember to spell-check and grammar-check your drafts
  • Provide sources for your claims; link to online sources but remember to provide “end notes” with your references (for printed version)
  • Background image critiques: remember that any “text” on the background can only be parsed by the human eye. Links won’t be clickable, search engines won’t “read” it either. Most important info is the “text” that is the Twitter profile. Secondary is the background image.
  • If you haven’t read this yet, recommended: my LinkedIn question/answers about Twitter use


Here’s the current accounting of your work (effective 1.30 pm today)

  1. Anita: Health Care (methodology, outline, first draft, second draft)
  2. Corey: (methodology, outline, first draft, second draft)
  3. Filiz: visual communication (designing logo/jacket) + (methodology, outline, first draft)
  4. Jessica:  food banks (methodology, outline, first draft)
  5. Jon: elected officials  (methodology, outline, first draft)
  6. Margery: airlines (methodology, outline, first draft)
  7. Paolo: wine (methodology, outline, first draft, >> second draft <<)
  8. Priti: food service (methodology, outline, first draft)
  9. Rubi: Latin America (methodology, outline, first draft)
  10. Sophia: video + higher ed  (methodology, outline, first draft)

Remember – these articles are to be posted to your blog, not the course blog

Profiles page updated
Q&A page updated

Guest speaker(s) at 7.30 tonight

Our Core Idea?

  • Brainstorming for title and tag line

Writing Buddy Time

For Next Week

  • Five minute presentation (with visuals) on best examples from your vertical. May be “best of the best” or may highlight more than one organization
  • Please RT the TweetUp invitation (feel free to rewrite!)
    Tweetup: UWTwtrBook Open House on Aug 18, 2009 RSVP here: #uwtwtrbook #twtvite
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  1. 11 August 2009 6:56 pm

    Re: Filiz visual analysis, I have included the image portion in several of my examples.

  2. thefullreport permalink
    11 August 2009 7:06 pm

  3. Rubi permalink
    18 August 2009 9:18 am

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