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Week 7 – Case Study Drafts

4 August 2009


  • Housekeeping
  • Guest speakers
  • Thinking about core idea
  • Chapter, Q&A progress
  • Writing buddy time


  • Discuss TweetUp in two weeks
  • EC book reviews: Priti

Guest speaker(s)

Our Core Idea?

  • Concrete thinking exercise
  • Brainstorming

Chapter, Q&A progress

  1. Anita: Health Care (methodology, outline, first draft)
  2. Corey: (methodology, outline, first draft)
  3. Filiz: visual communication (designing logo/jacket) + (methodology, outline, first draft)
  4. Jessica:  food banks (methodology, outline, first draft)
  5. Jon: elected officials  (methodology, outline, first draft)
  6. Margery: airlines (methodology, outline, first draft)
  7. Paolo: wine (methodology, outline, first draft)
  8. Priti: food service (methodology, outline, first draft)
  9. Rubi: Latin America (methodology, outline, first draft)
  10. Sophia: video + higher ed  (methodology, outline, first draft)

Profiles page updated
Q&A page updated

Remember – these articles are to be posted to your blog, not the course blog

Writing Buddy Time

For Next Week

  • What is reasonable?
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