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Profile: @lilipip

4 August 2009

(1) WHY this site?

Animation as a visual communication category is poorly represented on Twitter by well-known brands where a start-up animation company @lilipip uses Twitter as a channel to interact with their clients and other networks.

(2) Screen shot

screenshot captured on Aug 04, 2009 by @filizefe

screenshot captured on Aug 04, 2009 by @filizefe

(3) Data on tweets


(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

Date data downloaded : Aug 4, 2009
Industry sector : Visual Communication

Twitter ID : @lilipip
Followers : 2,892
Following : 3,169
Ratio followers/following : 0,91

Number posts : 2,665
Account created : May 13, 2008
First post :

Bio: Founder and CEO of, mom, entrepreneur, animation lover. Follow our team @Lilipip_Team

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :
MySpace : N/A
LinkedIn :
Org Blog : N/A
Org website home :

Other :




Lilipip creates animated online marketing videos for small businesses and start-ups.

(5) Analysis

A. General

(A.1) Background: Minimalistic combination of personal and business identities.

The customized background of @lilipip is reflecting both features about the brand and personal identities. Although I find it too simple, this background is a great example of  how simply one can create a custom good looking profile background.

(A.2) Avatar: Representative’s picture, artistic lighting, infinite white/transparent background

Avatar is a representation of the identity and social media presence requires human representative. @lilipip is perfectly fulfilling this definition. The profile is represented by Ksenia Oustiougova and avatar is hers.

Also, the artistic lighting and the angle of the light source gives a fresh, positive and confident identity to the profile. The infinite/ white transparent background is coherent with the simplicity of the general background and also supports the sincere tone of the conversation.

(A.3) Bio: “Founder and CEO of, mom, entrepreneur, animation lover. Follow our team @Lilipip_Team”.

Excellent combination of business and personal identities: This Bio gives the significant business information with a soft touch of personal characteristics. Follow recommendation is good but @Lilipip_Team seems not so active on Twitter.
(A.4) Transparency: The tone of the communication is human. It is highly transparent and sincere which encourages building relationship.

(A.5) Bio Link:

B. Tweets
(B.1) Replies: 48
(B.2) ReTweets: 9
(B.3) DM requests: 0
(B.4) Hashtags: 21
(B.5) (favorite tweet)

favorite tweet_2favorite tweet-1


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