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Profile: Dunkin’ Donuts

3 August 2009

Dunkin Donut’s is using Twitter to talk to customers and promote its new products. The company is currently running a Twitter-based contest to get the word out about its new Frozen Cappuccino drink.

Cynthia Ashworth, Dunkin Donut’s VP of Customer Engagement, talks about Twitter use in this YouTube video:

Date data downloaded : 08/03/2009
Industry sector : Food Service

Twitter ID : @dunkindonuts
Followers : 30,400
Following : 28,020
Ratio followers/following : 1.08

Number posts : 1,729
Account created : 09/2008
First post : 10/2008

Bio: Dunkin’ Dave here, tweeting on the behalf of the DD mothership. I’m an American and I’m certifiably running on Dunkin’.

Twitter :

Bio link :
Facebook :


Dunkin Donuts Screen Grab

Dunkin Donuts is active on Facebook, Twitter, and on Youtube. The company has even implemented a new tool called the Dunkin Run, which allows friends to collectively order using Facebook or mobile/Iphone applications. Check out this fantastic video of how the Dunkin Run process works.

With over 30,000 followers, Dunkin Donuts is capitalizing on its large customers/fan base by creating innovative social media strategies.


Background – A

The background is an inviting shot of the company’s latest drink. It’s bold, but not distracting.

Avatar – A

The company uses its logo as an avatar. It’s simple, clean, and features the brand’s initials.

Bio – A

The bio reflects the brand in a variety of ways.

Dunkin’ Dave here, tweeting on the behalf of the DD mothership. I’m an American and I’m certifiably running on Dunkin’

By naming Dunkin Dave, the bio provides transparency, identifying the source of the Tweets. Not only does it mention that Dave is based in the company’s main office, but it also states that he is American, providing a personal detail. The phrase “I’m certifiably running on running on Dunkin’” is quirking and gives a great sense of the brand’s personality. This bio is a great example of how a few words can convey a number of important messages to followers.


As mentioned above, the Twitter account is very transparent, providing details of the source of the Tweets and even location. Dave uses Twitter to include fun photos from the Dunkin Donuts office, and to share DD trivia.


Bio Link

The bio link goes back to the Dunkin Donuts main page which has information on the company’s other social media campaigns.


Dunkin Donuts used the 56 times in just 100 posts. This shows how actively the company is engaging with its followers.


With it’s latest promotion, the company is asking followers to Tweet their “bold moments.” Winners are retweeted and receive gift cards. In 100, DD retweeted 19 times.

DM requests
DMs are mostly used to contact contest winners for personal information. None in the last 100 tweets.


The Bold Moments campaign is a promotion for the company’s new Cappucino drink. All submissions must be made using the #FrznCapp. It’s used 5 times in the last 100 tweets.


Dunkin Donut’s Twitter use is consistent with the company’s overall social media strategy. The company uses the tool to engage with followers, creating fun contests, but also driving traffic into its stores. Using mobile applications, and encouraging use of product-based hastags, is helping the company to create a community that also extends offline. This marriage of traditional and non-traditional media makes Dunkin Donuts a Twitterer worth following.

dunkin donuts

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