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Twitter profile: @pinotblogger

2 August 2009

(1) Why this site?
@pinotblogger is the Twitter handle for Josh Hermsmeyer, Generalissimo of Capozzi Winery. Hermsmeyer has managed to create strong brand presence for the winery even though it has yet to make a bottle of wine.

(2) Screenshot:

(3) Data on tweets – TBD

(4) Stats:
Date data downloaded: August 22, 2009
Industry sector: Wine

Twitter ID: @pinotblogger
Followers: 3,517
Following: 3,642
Ratio followers/following: 0.97
Posts: 3,835
Joined Twitter: March 20, 2007

Twitter bio: “Generalissimo of Capozzi Winery | cell: 707-696-6669”

Bio link:
MySpace: N/A
Org Web site home:

About: Josh Hermsmeyer is Generalissimo of Capozzi Winery. He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wine & Spirits, Wines and Vines, The Press Democrat, North Bay Biz and Fast Company Now. He has given talks on social media and marketing at Sonoma State University, The Wine Industry Technology Symposium, The Mendocino Winegrape Commission, and Women for Wine Sense.

Josh has written for Wines and Vines and co-authored a chapter on direct-to-consumer marketing and Wine 2.0 for Professor Liz Thach’s Wine: A Global Business, the authoritative academic text on the wine industry. He served on the Sonoma County Wine Library Associates Board of Directors from 2007-2008, and was elected President for the 2008 year. Josh was trained at UC Davis where he studied Economics and Winemaking. (Source:

(5) Analysis
A. General
(A.1)Background: The background image is red with a cartoon image of Josh. This is appropriate considering the account is under Josh’s name and not Capozzi Winery. However, it might be helpful to include Capozzi Winery branding if promoting the label is in his interest. Grade A.
(A.2) Avatar: The avatar is an image of Josh with vineyards and a glass of wine superimposed. Grade A.
(A.3) Bio: The bio is extremely short but effective. It lists Josh’s first and last name, title and cell phone number. It could be used to describe more features of the winery if, again, he wants to promote the winery more than his personal brand. Grade A-.
(A.4) Transparency: Josh totally identifies himself as the author of this Twitter handle and his association with Capozzi Winery. Grade A.
(A.5) Bio Link: The bio link points back to the winery blog, which is appropriate. Grade A.

B. Tweets: Grade A.
Out of previous 100 tweets as of Aug. 22, 2009 at 9:04 a.m. PST
(B.1) 75 were @ replies
(B.2) 0 were retweets
(B.3) 0 requests
(B.4) 8 hashtags (#wine, #textingwhiledriving)
(B.5) 9 favorites (random wine posts)
(B.6) Josh is much more likely to reply directly to individuals/organizations rather than retweet something that compels him. His tweets aren’t necessarily focused on wine, but more whatever is the news of the day.

Tweet totals (via TweetStats)
-19.8 tweets per day
– @ replies are 23.86% of tweets
– ReTweets are 26.41% of tweets

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Outstanding questions: Are you attempting to promote your personal brand or winery brand through this Twitter handle? Both? Would you consider a Twitter handle under the Capozzi banner or would that be redundant? Why so few retweets?
(C.2) Suggestions:

D. Analytical Services TBD.

E. Conclusion:
(E.1) By promoting Capozzi Winery through his personal Twitter account rather than a company Twitter account, Josh naturally speaks with his own voice on Twitter and is highly conversational by way of frequent replies. It’s difficult to determine how the more personal account impacts the winery, which appears to be secondary to Josh’s personal brand.

(E.2) Scorecard Summary:
Background: A
Avatar: A
Bio: A-
Transparency: A
Tweets: A
Overall: A-

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