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Twitter Profile: @Pacificcommand

2 August 2009

Why this site?
Pacom was recommended to me by several public affairs officers because they are paving the way for social media in the military.


Screenshot of @PACOM (8-24-09)

Screenshot of @PACOM (8-24-09)

Date data downloaded: August 24, 2009
Industry sector: Military
Twitter ID: @PacificCommand
Followers: 1719
Following: 1343
Ratio followers/following: 1.3
Posts: 749
Joined Twitter: Mar. 13, 2009

Twitter bio: “U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) is a Unified Combatant Command of the Armed Forces of the United States.



Bio link:

Video Blog:

LinkedIn: N/A

About: U.S. Pacific Command is a joint command center for all of the branches of the armed forces located at Camp H.M. Smith in Hawaii. They use every type of social media and have an excellent Web site.

A. General

Background: Basic and not to hard on the eyes. Description and alias’s for other social media sites provided. Only thing missing… info about the author. Grade B

Avatar: Logo for Pacific Command. Grade A

Bio: Same as is used in background image. Good description but missing keywords such as media, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force. Grade B

Transparency: Profile includes information about what PACOM is but does not disclose the author’s information. Grade B

Bio Link: Points to PACOM’s main Web site which is very well designed and updated regularly. Grade A

B. Tweets:

2 were @ replies
5 were retweets
0 DM requests
92 hashtags (Most of these are #pacom, one #followfriday)

Summary: Pacom uses Twitter mainly for a news feed. They know they should use hashtags, but they only use one instead of using them to categorize posts.

C. Outstanding questions/conclusion:

Suggestions: Use some transparency in the background image and include information about the author.
Conclusion: This handle is predominantly a news feed but does offer some conversational elements. Compared to other government installations, Pacom does an excellent job of utilizing social media and 3rd party websites like Youtube and Flickr.

Scorecard Summary:

Background: B

Avatar: A

Bio: C

Transparency: D

Tweets: D

Overall: C

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