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Twitter Profile: @lead_solo

2 August 2009

Why this site?
The Blue Angels are one the military’s longest running and most successful strategic recruiting campaigns. Combine this with a well written, conversational Twitter handle and suddenly we have something that could become quite popular.


Picture 1

Date data downloaded: August 2, 2009
Industry sector: Military
Twitter ID: @lead_solo
Followers: 231
Following: 200
Ratio followers/following: 1.16
Posts: 365
Joined Twitter: Feb. 19, 2009

Twitter bio: “Theatre kid, joined Marines, learned to fly, graduated from Top Gun, flew combat from aircraft carriers, then the Blue Angels, now acting… And writing.

Bio link:
Video Blog:
Org Web site home:

About: Len Anderson has been flying with the “Blues” for several years while also trying to make a living in the film/writing industry. He seems to have a good understanding of social media and online networking. If nothing else check out his Youtube channel, he’s got some amazing footage from the cockpit!

A. General
Background: Black background. (only thing worse… pink!) Grade D.
Avatar: The avatar is an image of Len in the cockpit. Grade A.
Bio: The bio basically explains Len’s life and is somewhat inspirational. Grade A.
Transparency: Not Used. Grade F.
Bio Link: The bio link points to his personal website. Good for personal branding but not necessarily for the Blue Angels/Navy.  Grade B.

B. Tweets: Grade B.

38 were @ replies
3 were retweets
0 DM requests
9 hashtags (#seattle, #seafair, #blueangels)

Summary: Len is much more likely to reply directly to individuals/organizations rather than retweet something that compels him. He is highly conversational and uses hashtags to refer to events/locations (#seattle, #seafair).

C. Outstanding questions/conclusion:

Suggestions: Use some transparency or at least a background image with a picture/profile.
Conclusion: By promoting the Navy/military through his personal Twitter account rather than a military Twitter account, Len speaks with his own voice on Twitter and is highly conversational by way of frequent replies. It’s difficult to determine how much his personal account impacts the Navy/military, which appears to be secondary to Len’s personal brand.

Scorecard Summary:
Background: D
Avatar: A
Bio: A
Transparency: F
Tweets: B
Overall: B-

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