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2 August 2009

Date data downloaded : 7/21/09

Industry sector :  Health Care

Twitter ID :Swedish

Account Started: 9/25/2008

Followers : 1,458Following : 551

Number posts : 122

Followers/Following: 2.6

Bio: Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA: Three hospital locations, specialty and primary-care clinics and a standalone ER in Issaquah.URLS:

Bio link : None

Facebook :

RSS feed:feed://

Org website home :

Other (CaringBridge):

About: Swedish Medical Center is a large nonprofit health care provider located in Seattle, Washington. It has three main hospital locations in Seattle and is also affiliated with many other suburban hospitals and clinics. Among the things Swedish is known for its Swedish Cancer Institute, Swedish Neuroscience Institute, orthopedic surgery, specialized surgery, organ transplant, pediatric specialty care, childbirth services, bariatric surgery, and the Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute. As of 2009 it has 7000 employees and 2,300 credentialed physicians. (Wikipedia)


Background: They use a customised template. The graphics and colors used are  consistent with their website and additional social media platforms in use.   A

Avatar: The Swedish logo-avatar   A

Transparency: From the Twitter account it is not clear who is moderating their site.  F

Bio Link: None is listed and I think it should be added.   C

Twitter Use

Tweets:  C

@Replies:just a few noted

ReTweets: none

DM requests:none



Hashtag use: use hashtags to identify some of the events that they are promoting on Twitter. Example: #ortho to identify the orthopedic seminars. This would also be helpful to categorize the many different types of tweets.

Moderator identification: The account moderator is not identified this would be a good addition to add this information along with a link for additional information.


The way that Swedish is using Twitter appears to distribute information and for promotion. By using retweets and more @replies the account would become more of a conversation for the followers. Transparency is another change that could improve the account by providing information about the moderator and a link for contact and resources.

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