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Profile: PF Chang’s

31 July 2009

PF Chang’s is making a concerted effort to integrate Twitter into its marketing and customer service strategies. The company is embracing the new tool, illustrated by the video below:

PF Changs Screengrab

Date data downloaded : 8/31/2009
Industry sector : Food service

Twitter ID : @pfchangs
Followers : 8,139
Following : 8,343
Ratio followers/following : 0.975

Number posts : 786
Account created : 11/21/2008
First post : 11/21/2008

Bio :
Tiffany H. ~P.F. Chang’s Home Office

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :

About :
PF Chang’s is using Twitter to address customer questions, offer promotions, and interact with the local community. Tiffany Hamby, the company’s guest relations manager, tweets for the account, giving it a personal touch. Although PF Chang’s has over 130 restaurants in 34 states, the casual nature of the Twitter banter makes it feel less like a national chain, and more like a friendly neighborhood eatery.

The company integrates Twitter use with in-store and local events, such as Tweeting at Chicago Rock n’ Roll Marathon Expo. The company has recently begun hosting Tweet ups at its locations across the country, offering discounted and free food. PF Chang’s even sent one of its biggest fans on a nationwide road trip to tweet about his food-tasting experiences.

What’s most impressive about the PF Chang’s Twitter account is the amount of direct interaction with customers, and the company’s willingness to make individual special offers. The company closely monitors its presence on twitter, following up with disgruntled customers, and always asking for feedback.

Background – B

The background mirrors the interior of a PF Chang’s restaurant, keeping it consistent with company branding.

Avatar — A
The avatar is the company’s logo, a bonsai tree. It’s simple, yet visually appealing.

Bio – B
It’s a short bio, which could do with a little more elaboration. It doesn’t mention anything about the nature of the Twitter account (i.e. that it often features special offers, discount coupons).

Transparency — A
PF Chang’s definitely gets high marks for transparency. It’s clear that Tiffany is the source of the tweets, and it gives the account a unique voice.

PF Changs

Replies (73/100)
PF Chang’s works hard to answer customer questions. Whether it’s an inquiry about vegan dishes, or a request for recommendations, the company Twitter stream is full of helpful @replies.

ReTweets (8/100)
As the account is used mostly for customer service and promotion, there are not many RTs. It’s mostly used to quote positive feedback from customers, such as the one below.


DM requests (7)
PF Chang’s uses DMs to contact disgruntled customers. This strategy allows the company to reach out on a personal level, winning back potentially lost customers.

Hashtags (3)
The company uses hashtags to refer to local events and for its tweetups.

Favorite Tweets
The following three tweets illustrate PF Chang’s fun, interactive Twitter strategy.

quote 1

quote 2

quote 3

PF Chang’s is proving that Twitter can help national chains connect with customers on a one-on-one basis. The company provides a great example of how Twitter can provide a uniquely personal form of customer service.

PF Changs

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