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Week 6 – Twitter as part of social media strategy

28 July 2009


  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Speakers
  • Twitter News & Views
  • Profiles/QA
  • Writing Buddies: Methodology/Chapter Outlines
  • For Next Week


  • Short night
  • I’ve made drafts public
  • Profiles – if you’ve updated, edit my comments!
  • Questions – please use the full set of questions (if at all possible) – see Filiz’s interview

Guest speaker(s)

Twitter News & Views

Ah-Ha Moments

(how can you incorporate these into your essay/chapter?)

Discuss: Profiles/QA

  • What have you learned through the process to date?
  • What would you change about our process?
  • How can we incorporate our ideas about who are the thought-leaders into your essay/chapter? [See Priti’s arguments]
  • How have these analyses affected your thoughts on best practices?

Writing Buddies: Methodology and Chapter Outlines

[These are to be on your blogs because they are “in work” posts – if you published to the course blog, I’ve changed status to “pending”]

Buddies (modified from week 4 – also listed on students page)

  1. Anita – methodology, chapter outline
  2. Jessica – methodology, chapter outline
  1. Corey – methodology, chapter outline
  2. Paolo – methodology, chapter outline
  1. Jon – methodology, chapter outline
  2. Priti – methodology, chapter outline
  1. Margery – methodology1, methodology2, chapter outline
  2. Rubi – methodology, chapter outline
  1. Filiz – methodology, chapter outline
  2. Sophia – methodology, chapter outline

For Next Week

  • Monday noon: Two more heurestic profiles (posted to this site)
  • Monday noon: One more Q&A should be completed (posted to this site)
  • Tuesday before class: draft for your vertical (blog post on your site)
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  1. 28 July 2009 9:35 pm

    Brian mentioned Twitter Counter – it’s the only new tool tonight. (I think.)

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