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Profile: @SonyPictures

28 July 2009

(1) WHY this site?

Although @SonyPictures might be considered in the entertainment category, the content of their business and communication on Twitter is related with the visual communication. Therefore, I believe @SonyPictures profile might represent a different point of view in corporate visual communication vertical.

(2) Screen shot

screenshot captured on July 28, 2009 by @filizefe

screenshot captured on July 28, 2009 by @filizefe

(3) Data on tweets


(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

Date data downloaded : Jul 27, 2009
Industry sector : Entertainment-Visual Communication

Twitter ID : @SonyPictures
Followers : 18,416
Following : 6,033
Ratio followers/following : 3,05

Number posts : 437
Account created : April 23, 2008
First post :

Bio: Welcome to the Official Twitter Page for Sony Pictures.

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :
MySpace :
LinkedIn :
Org Blog : N/A
Org website home :
Other : N/A

Sony Pictures Entertainment encompass motion picture production and distribution; television production and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; worldwide channel investments; home entertainment acquisition and distribution, operation of studio facilities; development of new entertainment products, services and technologies; and distribution of filmed entertainment in more than 130 countries. Sony Pictures can be found on the World Wide Web at .

Their presence on Twitter is more likely to integrate some sort of interpersonal communication in their overall corporate communication plans. Mostly announcing promotional events and linking to their website.

(5) Analysis

A. General

(A.1) Background: Corporate logo on a plain blue backdrop…Is this a letterhead?

The customized background of @SonyPictures is not reflecting any feature about the brand identity. It is hard to believe this is a global company in entertainment and visual content production business. The imprecisely pasted corporate logo on a boring blue background recalls nothing more than a corporate flag.

(A.2) Avatar: Corporate logo.

It is a controversial issue to put a logo on the avatar or a representative picture. An avatar should be a representation of the identity. Although the brand logo is the major representation of a corporation, social media presence should be re-considered. No human being would like to talk to a logo or an automated voice. People prefer to interact with other people. That’s why, the background and avatar of @SonyPictures creates a cold gray building perception.

(A.3) Bio: “Welcome to the Official Twitter Page for Sony Pictures.”.

@SonyPictures should check the terminology first. The indistinct brand character repeats itself in bio as well. Apparently they couldn’t define themselves and instead just welcome the visitors. Or maybe they think that we should know what Sony Pictures is. Social media presence needs some more attention. If they cannot define themselves, they might at least copy-paste their corporate bio on their website or define the purpose of their social media presence in one sentence. There seems a huge strategy lack.
(A.4) Transparency: No transparency at all.

(A.5) Bio Link:


B. Tweets
(B.1) Replies: 22
(B.2) ReTweets: 29
(B.3) DM requests: 15
(B.4) Hashtags: 44
(B.5) (favorite tweet)

(B.6) Narrative summary

The overall tone of the voice reflects a corporate distance. There is almost none interpersonal interaction. Replies are coming from a no-name or no-identity being and mostly calling or announcing a promotion. DM requests are mostly to get in touch to deliver a gift ticket, not to build a relationship or a community. Hashtags are mostly followfridays and recommendations.

My favorite tweet is above, they call out for people, which is an attempt to interact.

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Questions unearthed during analysis

– Is there a specific social media representative in their organization?

– Do they plan having a strategic approach to deal with 18,000 followers?
(C.2) Suggestions for improvement

@SonyPictures needs a social media strategy ASAP for the content and an appointment with their creative agency to design a decent profile background.

D. Analytic Services

Sony Pictures is ranked 6,024th on twitterholic! (by followers) (twitterholic)

Sony Pictures is ranked 6th in their location on twitterholic! (by followers in ‘Culver City, CA‘) (twitterholic)

Sony Pictures is tagged with entertainment (twitterholic)

Tweetstats for Sonypictures

Tweetstats for Sonypictures

E. Conclusion
(E.1) Narrative

Social media presence needs more attention. No strategy, no voice, no identity, no color, no personal interaction…but 18,000 followers. @SonyPictures looks like a corporate headquarters wall and communicating with them is like writing a petition. On the other hand, @SonyPictures seems that they are one of the pioneer users of social media, which is promising. I got in touch with them on Twitter and waiting their respond.

(E.2) Scorecard Summary

No score for now.

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