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Profile: Church’s Chicken

27 July 2009


Church’s Chicken is using Twitter to promote its “Random Acts of Goodness” campaign. Harsha V. Agadi, the company’s president and CEO, is giving away $1000 to lucky customers around the country. The company Tweets clues to followers, helping them figure out the location of the giveaways.

church's chicken

Date data downloaded : 27/7/2009
Industry sector
: food service

Twitter ID : @churchschicken
Followers : 2362
Following : 2219
Ratio followers/following : 1.06

Number posts : 1217
First post : 1/28/2009

The most AUTHENTIC fried chicken you can buy at the BEST value, Church’s Chicken is one of the largest chicken chains in the world.

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :

Church’s Chicken is leveraging Twitter to promote its stores and give back to the community. The company is generating publicity by using Twitter to give cash prizes to random customers. This strategy capitalizes on Twitter’s impact as a relationship-building tool: customers find out about the prizes through Twitter, but have to walk into a store for a chance to win. This shows the direct relationship between Twitter use and one-on-one interaction.

“Church’s Chicken wants to challenge industry peers to pay it forward in authentic gestures that truly resonate with customers. Instead of gimmicky food giveaways, we are giving back to our community in a way that speaks to the current economic climate and brand’s value appreciation to their community. This is a small and sincere act that could make a big impact in someone’s life – offering immediate means to help pay mounting bills (i.e. rent, mortgage, medical, credit card or loans) is what we are striving to do.”  – Church’s President and CEO, Harsha V. Agadi.

Background – B
The Church’s background features images from the Random Acts of Good Campaign. It has images of Agadi handing out cash to customers

Avatar – B
Like many companies, Church’s uses its logo as a Twitter avatar.

Bio – C
The bio doesn’t give any information on the promotion, and says little about the company. The company would probably be better served by using the space to talk about the promotion and its intended help for local communities.

Transparency – C
unfortunately, Church’s does not identify the source of its Twitter posts. It would have been interesting to read posts directly from the CEO, or other team members involved with the Random Acts campaign. Including tweets from the prize winners would have also helped to keep followers interested.

Bio Link – C
The bio link takes you to the Church’s site. The site is full of flash animation and provides no information about the Twitter campaign or other social media initiatives. It’s mainly an information source for nutrition or franchise information.

Replies – 14/100
Church’s is monitoring its Twitter account very closely. It uses a steady stream of @ replies to answer any customer questions, or reply to comments about the brand.

Retweets – 64/100
Church’s retweets some fantastic quotes from customers. One of my favorites is below:


DM requests & Hashtags
The company currently only uses hashtags for Follow Fridays and doesn’t make DM requests.

With the Random Acts of Goodness campaign, Church’s is tying its Twitter strategy to community building. Giving money to customers positions the company as one that cares, strengthening its ties with franchisees and customers. Also, using the company CEO as the face for the campaign helps reinforce the company’s message, taking it out of the realm of a unfriendly corporation, and into the role of caring community member.

church's chicken twitter stream analysis

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