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Twitter profile: @winetwits

26 July 2009

Why this site?
@winetwits is one of the largest aggregates of wine news on Twitter.

Screen shot

Date data downloaded: July 26, 2009
Industry sector: Wine
Twitter ID: @winetwits
Followers: 36,508
Following: 39,424
Ratio followers/following: 0.93 followers per following
Number posts: 3,772
Account created: Sept. 25, 2008
Bio: “Wine Twits services up Insider Info, Deals and Special Offers On Wine & More!”

Bio link: N/A
Facebook: N/A
MySpace: N/A
LinkedIn: N/A
Org Blog: N/A
Org Web site home: (Points back to Twitter)

About: @winetwits is one of Twitter’s largest wine news aggregates.

A. General

Background:@winetwits uses the generic Twitter background. It certainly could use a face-lift in customization. However, the intent of @winetwits appears to be that of a glorified RSS feed, so it does not need to brand like a company would. Grade C.
Avatar: The avatar is an image of a bird leaning into a wine glass like it was a birdbath. It’s a fitting image. Grade A.
Bio: The bio is explains what people get form the Twitter handle: information, special offers, etc. It does not identify WHO is doing the tweeting or why @winetwits should be a reputable source. Grade B.
Transparency: @winetwits does not in anyway identify the person Tweeting. This may or may not be an effective disclosure considering the nature of the account. Grade B.
Bio Link: The bio link points to a static page that is under construction. That page points back to @winetwits. is about to go out in beta according to recent tweets. Grade B.

B. Tweets (based upon last 100 tweets) Grade A-.
38 @ replies
19 requests for ReTweets (asking to promote the beta)
0 Hashtags
2 favorite tweets (Mention @winetwits).
Summary: Over its last 100 tweets, @winetwits has used Twitter to spread news and respond to people talking about wine. It does not use hashtags to categorize conversations and rarely retweets.
Tweets totals (via TweetStats)
– 16.2 tweets per day
– @ replies are 55.38% of tweets
– ReTweets are 0.45% of tweets

C. Questions/Suggestions
Outstanding questions: Who’s doing the tweeting? Is this meant to be a Twitter-only venture?
Suggestions: Improve the Twitter background image and disclose who’s tweeting. Use hashtags to help promote the news.
Conclusion: @winetwits is a good example of a handle that makes up for its lack of design and branding with frequent, valuable tweets for its 35,000+ followers. @winetwits is also a good example of how a non-company but industry voice can make an impact on Twitter.

Scorecard Summary
Background: C
Avatar: A
Bio: B
Transparency: B
Tweets: A –
Overall: B+

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