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Q & A Interview: USCG

26 July 2009

Face-to-face interview with USCG d13 Public Affairs Chief Paul Rozkowski (@uscgd13Picture 20):

1. What initially caused you to start using Twitter?

-Started using Twitter at the Government Innovation expo,  November 2008.

-Several government and department of defense agencies were using it and he realized how useful it could be in the Seattle area.

2. Being a government agency, what are some of the problems you faced when you started using Twitter?

– Not able to download programs like Tweetdeck onto Gov. computers.

– Some web apps are not blocked but is.

3. Do you have any rules for what you can tweet?

– See guide (coming soon)

4. Did PA School prepare you for Twitter?

– One chapter of PA school was dedicated to social media but very little mention was made of Twitter.

5. What platform/program do you use the most to tweet?

– Tweetdeck, hootesuite, tweetgrid

6. Do you have a strategy in place for reaching more people / getting more followers?

– Add about 2-3 followers per day.

– If someone is talking about something related to the Coast Guard they get followed.

– People who tweet a lot about things unrelated get unfollowed.

7. Do you use direct messaging?

– YES! Often times the news stations will DM asking for footage or more info about cases.

– DM’s are priority in replying to people.

8. What is your measure of success or return on investment?

– No specific plan in place

– Main goal is to create a “buzz”

9. What is one instance where Twitter was a tremendous help?

– Staying in constant communication with news stations

– On 7-22 two individuals were lost at sea in a canoe. Although Twitter didn’t help locate the individuals, it was a simple way to get the word out to the news stations and to provide public information about why it is important to file a float plan.
@uscgd13 tweet

10. Do you see Twitter as being successful in getting out USCG messages and educating a broad audience?

– Twitter is extremely successful as a way to unofficially notify news stations, law enforcement and more importantly the general public, but it doesn’t compare to a press release or video news release.

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