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Class Notes: Non-Profit Speakers

23 July 2009

Notes from July 21st 2009:


  • Non-profits are outrunning businesses and companies in the Social Media sphere (Kathy: also, many big companies are not online, while small companies use Social Media to connect with their audience/”customer” base cf. “Top Brands“)
  • Most non-profits use the web for Blogging and video blogging.
  • Barriers to Social Media entry in the non-profit health sector: legal issues (Twitter is a legal document), no clear electronic policy: you will be held responsible for what you put out there!

Sean DeButts, Puget Sound Blood Center, @BloodCenter @SeanDeButts

  • We launched with Twitter, because it wasw the easiest Social Media Tool
  • People on Twitter want to be able to act right now! Blood Drives are announced not days, but hours or minutes before it starts –> adjustment to the community. Facebook promotion is different.
  • Don’t fall into trap of sending one-way messages
  • main goal: create relationship with new donors
  • employees can access Twitter, but they cannot access Facebook etc.

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