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@JetBlue Profile

22 July 2009

Continuing my initial survey of various airline’s usage of Twitter, I have taken a closer look at @JetBlue. This airline has received its fair share of admiring attention (M0st Loved Airline Brand on Twitter) across the web for its embrace of the microblogging infrastructure. So I took a closer look.

From a sample of 100 consecutive tweets – posted between June 29th at 10:00 a.m. and July 15th at 10:00 a.m. – I gained a better understanding of the strengths and opportunities of @JetBlue on Twitter.

@JetBlue Stats (as captured on July 15th)

Followers: 887,253

Following: 118,893

Posts: 1,031 (avg. 5-6 tweets a day; range 1 -11 )

Account Created: May 2007

@JetBlue’s Twitter Page: Avatar, Background,Bio, Transparency, Website

Avatar: A

The @JetBlue tail fin works as a Twitter avatar, just as @Southwest’s and @AlaskaAir’s. Simply said, I’m a proponent of such imagery being used in this capacity on Twitter. I think it’s a visually compelling and effective way to stand out in people’s Twitter feed; it associates the handle’s tweets with the airline brand, as well as the category at-large. Currently, most brands solely rely on logo recognition, without leveraging any iconography unique to the category. (Review pulled from @SouthwestAir At-A-Glance)

Background: B/C

Despite it’s simplicity & chromatic relevance, @JetBlue’s Twitter background could simply be anyone’s. Thus, I think the handle may benefit from additional visual context on its Twitter homepage. Maybe a visual call-out to the individuals tweeting for the handle? Maybe some imagery from it’s current marketing campaign? Or, maybe, a dynamic background that updates with timely information/imagery that would helpful & interesting (i.e. an image of a bike and the dimensions it has to be to fly free in July, or the Live from T5 logo ect).

Bio: B

Twitter bios, at the moment, are currently important for search and, perhaps more importantly, for helping connecting handles with relevant followers. No different from any airline I have reviewed, @JetBlue uses their bio space to call out “who is on duty.” Why not use the precious bio characters to give potential followers an idea of what they can expect from the @JetBlue feed? I think it is a a step in the right direction to begin with “Have a question?”, but maybe the handle would benefit from simple stating: “Follow us if you have air travel questions, concerns or even shout-outs. Happy Jetting.”

Transparency: A/B

@JetBlue does reveal the human(s) powering the tweets in their bio, but people can never be quite sure which tweets are from which person. At this very moment, you could be reading tweets by Morgan, Gigi, Lindsey, or Laurie. Exactly which person, you don’t know. @JetBlue is using CoTweet, so why not just change the cotag to be ^+ initials (settings>general>cotag)? Am curious.

Website: Undecided

O.K. without the ability to review something like a Google Analytics report, I simply can no longer harp on the fact that airlines are linking to their homepage rather than their blog (or another page that is more specific and less jarring). Maybe the handle would benefit from reviewing what the number one tweeted link is (internal, of course) and connect to it? Is it the Customer Bill of Rights page, cheap flights page or customer service contact page?

@JetBlue’s Usage of Twitter Semantics: @Replies, DM Requests, RTs, #Hashtags

@Replies (59/100)

In this sample, @Jetblue had the same percentage of tweets using @replies as @AlaskaAir. Though a coincidence, I don’t find the proportion of @replies the least bit curious because both of the airlines are effectively leveraging the infrastructure as a light CRM tool. One difference worth noting about their usage of @replies, is @JetBlue seems to make a concerted effort to have some @replies be @references (private v. public). It seems the handle makes a judgment call when their responses may me helpful for the larger group.

Requests for DM Comm (2/100)

Though not evident in this sample, @JetBlue has made it very clear in interviews, that the handle uses DMs to address specific customer service questions. This is an effective strategy, as it allows customers to feel more comfortable offering private identifiers that can be used to address their more specific inquiries.

RTs (3/100)

There were 3 RTs captured in the sample of 100 tweets. This may be a testament that the handle is spending more time creating original content for the stream and prioritizing replies rather than shout-outs. Note: Am still looking for a RT trend across the category.

#Hashtags (6/100)

@JetBlue seems to do a good job of consistently using a handful of hashtags (i.e. #cheeps, #citymeal, #TTcarryon) to concise repositories over time. For example, the #TTcarryon stream may be quite a useful resource for those travelers not checking their luggage.

What I love most about @JetBlue is that it maintains a separate handle to broadcast their airfare specials (@JetBlueCheeps). This action in and of itself, is a testament to @JetBlue’s keen understanding of how to be relevant & interesting to as many people as possible on Twitter. Follow @JetBlue.

Please note: The aforementioned Twitter page analysis is subjective and the semantic analysis is not comprehensive or generalizable. Both were simply meant to offer a glimpse into the handle’s presence on Twitter without the benefit of any information provided by a 3rd party Twitter Analytics tool. Also, I am only able to nitpick a few details because the handles I have chosen to profile are doing so much right!

*Key to Grades:

A Great! Wouldn’t change a thing.
B Good. Would change a couple of things.
C Nothing special. Change most of it.
D Pretty bad.
F Terrible. What were you thinking?


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