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Week 5: Best Practices

21 July 2009

1. Follow the experts

Today while doing a Google search I ran accoss @tweetexperts. While they are not quite experts when it comes to creating a background, they tweet about some very cool stuff such as Twitter statistics, APIs, and  strategies. I would venture to say that most companies are following experts on Twitter yet they dont pay any attention to the messages. Tweetdeck offers an easy way of staying current on multiple users and also has an add to favorites option for those tweets you need to save for later.

Its hard to tell what companies actually do this, but following people such as @kegill will yield lots of helpful info!

2. Keep your followers close, but keep your competitors closer!

Why not find out what other companies are doing? Obviously copying your competitor is nothing new.Picture 14

@feeltiptop is one company that follows other twitter programs like CoTweet.

Not only is it good to see what they are doing, Twitter opens up a whole new world for attracting customers. Say your competitor is getting some negative feedback about a product that was sold. A quick reply from a your company could instantly win them over to you!

A quick note about @tmobile_usa… They even follow people who’s goal is to talk trash about them.

Picture 13

(App needs to be created to search through people’s following/followers!)

3. Don’t send them all at once!

Twitter is all about conversation. If you send all your tweets at once, your likelihood of being replied to or retweeted drastically decreases. Micro-blogging is formatted for individual, short thoughts. If you continuously tweet, very few people will pay attention to all of them and eventually you will be unfollowed. A good strategy is to spread the posts out. If you need to send a lot of info, post it on a Web page and tweet-a-link.  Keep in mind that much like TV, there are certain times no one is watching and there’s prime time. For Twitter prime time is likely around 3-4pm when everyone is getting off work and planning their evening. Ultimately, be respectful of your followers and dont forget that losing a customer is only a click away!

Included here is how not to tweet courtesy of @maritimeandnews:

Picture 8

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