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21 July 2009

Date data downloaded : 7/21/09

Industry sector :  Health Care

Twitter ID : @Mercyhealth

Followers : 1,610

Following :1,545

Number posts : 162

Account created : 2007 to confirm by email

Bio: Providing exceptional health care services resulting in healing in the broadest sense.


Bio link : None

I was able to connect with the moderator of the Twitter account and they responded  via email.

Facebook :

RSS feed:

Org Blog :

Other Blog:

Org website home :

Other (YouTube):

About: Mercy Health System is a non-profit health care provider and hospital based in JanesvilleWisconsin, with over 63 facilities in 22 communities.


Background: They use a customised template. The graphics and colors used are  consistent with their website and additional social media platforms in use.

Avatar: The MHS logo-avatar

Transparency: From the Twitter account it is not clear who is moderating their site.

Bio Link: None is listed and I think it should be added.

Twitter Use


Replies: I  was able to find out who was their moderator, they reply to questions or suggestions.

ReTweets: They have not used the RT much.

DM requests: They have used the DM, they responded to my request for additional information on their use of Twitter.

Hashtags: They have used the hashtag before, the most recent one was #mercydavinci

Currently they only use Twitter as a link to all the social media sites listed above.


Hashtag use:It was interesting to follow the use of  Twitter during a surgical procedure.  During the surgery I noticed that they utilized the hastag #mercydavinci, recently they have not posted Tweets using a hashtag this could be beneficial to follow news of the organization.

Moderator identification: This is one area that I think would improve their Twitter and other social media accounts. I have corresponded with their moderator and made the suggestion.

Conclusion: This organization is providing content in many different types of social media, has used Twitter to showcase a live surgery and has a consistent look to their sites. As I mentioned above with just a few modifications one being transparency , their Twitter account could be improved.

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