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Interview: Mercy Health

21 July 2009

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This interview was with Tricia Skram from Mercy Health on July 6th regarding their use of Twitter.

When did Mercy Health begin using Twitter?

We’ve had a Twitter account from November 2008.

How did the idea of using Twitter during surgery evolve?

The idea of ( Twitter Surgery) was originally something to be launched with a bariatric ( weight loss) surgery. But when our marketing team found out about the da Vinvi, the entire social media team thought this was a prime opportunity to do a

da Vinci surgery.

Was the use of social media supported by your employer?

Yes, the idea is fully supported by the marketing team. I think the biggest buy-in was the support we finally got from the administration and CEO.

Who did the tweeting during the da Vinvi surgery?

I ( Tricia Skram) did all of the tweeting on our channel during the surgery. Several other people from within Mercy System and our followers did the promotion for us. (That’s  the power of social networking!)

We had a team of four in the operating room. 1. Tweetmaster 2. Video Tech 3. Videographer 4. Trouble shooter (technical difficulties). We all collaborated through text messaging, email and phone calls.

Did you have a marketing plan?

We definitely had a marketing plan for this event. The plan was a fully comprehensive look at how we could incorporate all social networking, integrated marketing, advertising, PR and media relations. We are still rolling everything out as we speak.  We will be doing another Twitter surgery using the da Vinci next month. This one will be a hysterectomy.

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