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Elected Official Profile – Thomas Castillo

21 July 2009

(1) WHY this site?

Thomas Castillo is running for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois in 2010.  By the number and quality of Tweets, coupled with his presence on other social networks, it is clear Castillo is very comfortable with social media.  His website indicates a very populist approach to politics.  The Issues section of his website even states: “Thomas Castillo will be launching ‘Common Sense Solutions for Illinois” to help get the ideas from the people in the trenches to our legislatures.'”  It will be interested to see if Twitter is one of the ways he will be gathering ideas from.

(2) Screen shot


(3) Data on tweets

Tweets are a mix of status updates, links to information Castillo finds valuable, opinions, and the occasional @ reply.  Tone is generally personal and inviting.  Castillo Tweets quite a bit – almost 100 times in the past week.

(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

Date data downloaded : 3:00 PM July 21, 2009
Industry sector : Politics

Twitter ID : @thomascastillo
Followers : 2732
Following : 3005
Ratio followers/following : 0.91

Number posts : 1036
Account created : Feb. 24, 2009
First post : Feb. 24, 2009

Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois in 2010. “Restoring Common Sense to Government” Let’s Continue the Change Together!

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :
MySpace :
LinkedIn :
Org website home :

Thomas Castillo is a Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois in 2010.  His campaign is very social media heavy, and appears to have a populist tilt to it.  Castillo, a political newcomer,  recently took a page out of the Obama playbook and launched  It will be interesting to see if such a social media heavy campaign will be effective in a smaller political race.

(5) Analysis

A. General – A-
(A.1) Background – Castillo’s background is looks professional and makes it very clear that Castillo is running for office.  It also takes advantage of text to make a few calls for action.  A
(A.2) Avatar – Castillo’s avatar is simple, and it is clear.  My one recommendation would be to get a picture that is slightly closer up to get a more clear view of his face.  A-
(A.3) Bio – The bio clearly states his goal, contains his slogan, and finishes with a call to action.  Very well done.  A
(A.4) Transparency – Tweets that start with “I” make it look like Castillo is doing the posting.  However, a large portion of the Tweets don’t make it necessarily clear that he is the one doing the posts.  It is possible more than one person is running the account.  B
(A.5) Bio Link – The bio link is completely appropriate, as it takes you to Castillo’s campaign website. A

B. Tweets – B+
(B.1) Replies – 8/100 – Most of Castillo’s replies are personal, yet have enough context to understand the conversation.  It would be nice to see more replies, but it is possible that since the campaign is just starting, there aren’t as many people to interact with yet.
(B.2) ReTweets – 19/100 – Castillo retweets things he finds interested, including news and inspirational quotes.  On occasion he ads some personal commentary.
(B.3) DM requests – 0 – Castillo hasn’t made any DM requests in the last 100 tweets.  I don’t see this as a negative, however.
(B.4) Hashtags- 3/100 – Castillo’s only use of hashtags is in RTs.  I think this is a missed opportunity to engage in conversations happening in Twitter.
(B.5) (favorite tweets?) – 0
(B.6) Narrative summary – Castillo’s high Tweet rate is positive, and I like that he is retweeting quite a few posts.  However, I don’t think he is engaging enough in conversation to earn an A grade for Tweets.  He certainly does respond to people, and I know from personal experience his team will DM you if you ask them a question, but I think they could do more to get involved with hashtags and @ replies.

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) My main questions while studying Castillo’s profile is whether or not someone else is involved with his Tweeting.
(C.2) I suggest using hashtags and @ replies more to engage in conversation.  I understand the rate of @replies might be low because the number of overall Tweets are very high.  However, the hashtag is a great way to get more involved in what people are talking about and get people to check out your profile.

D. Analytic Services (to come next week)

E. Conclusion
(E.1) Castillo has been doing a great job overall with his Twitter account.  His Profile is fantastic, and the number of Tweets he has been posting is impressive.  Despite my suggestion that he uses more hashtags, my overall grade for him is an A-.
(E.2) Grade Summary:

General: A-

  • Background: A
  • Avatar: A-
  • Bio: A
  • Transparency: B
  • Bio Link: A

Tweets: B+

Overall: A-

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