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Twitter profile: @eljefetwisted

20 July 2009

(1) Why this site
@eljefetwisted is Jeff Stai, owner of Twisted Oak Winery.  Stai is a frequent user of Twitter and the source of inspiration for many wineries using Twitter because of his legacy on the platform.

(2) Screenshot:

(3) Data on tweets – TBD

(4) Stats:
Date data downloaded: August 22, 2009
Industry sector: Wine

Twitter ID: @eljefetwisted
Followers: 2,542
Following: 2,707
Posts: 12,216
Joined Twitter: May 15, 2007

Twitter bio: “Owner, Twisted Oak Winery, maker of fine Tempranillo, Viognier, Mourvedre, PS, etc etc (WK6I)”

Bio link:
Social Network: N/A
MySpace: N/A
LinkedIn: N/A
Org Web site home:

About: Jeff Stai, owner of Twisted Oak Winery – which is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Calaveras County, California. (

(5) Analysis
A. General
(A.1) Background: The background is plain green, which is unrelated to any Twisted Oak branding and does not clearly reflect Stai either. Grade C.
(A.2) Avatar: The avatar is an image of Stai, which is appropriate considering this is his personal account. Grade A.
(A.3) Bio: The bio clearly states who Stai is and what his relation is to the winery. Grade: A.
(A.4) Transparency: Stai identifies himself. Grade A.
(A.5) Bio link: The bio link points to a special landing page for Stai’s Twitter friends. The page gives an overview of what the winery is about, with links. Grade A+.

B. Tweets: Grade A+.
Captured August 22, 2009 at 9:29 a.m. PST
(B.1) 136 were @ replies
(B.2) 7 were retweets
(B.3) 1 DM requests
(B.4) 14 hashtags (multiple)
(B.5) Multiple favorites (compliments)
(B.6) Stai uses @ replies to converse with people on Twitter. His conversations are primarily related to wine. He likes to use hashtags to summarize his thoughts, rather than contribute to a conversation. His exchanges are often multiple tweets.

Tweet totals (via TweetStats)
-25.1 tweets per day
– @ replies are 80.73% of tweets
– ReTweets are 1.72% of tweets

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Outstanding questions: What inspired you to create the specific Twitter landing page? Why did you decide to promote the winery through your personal account as opposed to a winery account?
(C.2) Suggestions: Customize the background.

D. Analytic Services TBD.

E. Conclusion:
(E.1) It’s no wonder why some have called Stai “The Godfather of Twitter.” He lives the conversations on Twitter, tweeting often and holding multiple conversations through multiple tweets.

(E.2) Scorecard Summary:
Background: C
Avatar: A
Bio: A
Transparency: A+
Tweets: A+
Overall: A

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  1. 20 July 2009 11:11 pm

    With C’s and D’s, I don’t think this is a winery that you will want to feature in the book.

  2. 18 September 2009 11:05 am

    I have customized the background, would love to know what you think.

    Why a landing page? I think it is a good practice. People are coming to this page from twitter and they have a social interest of some sort. By providing additional social links and news I hope to help with and benefit from that interest. Also, saying thank you is nice.

    Why the personal account and not a business account? For transparency, manageability and accessibility. I feel that people want to know who they are talking to, as opposed to a corporate entity. With @eljefetwisted they know who they are getting. I do have a winery account but I treat that more as a broadcast channel now – for those who want winery news but not my chatter.

    There is a Twisted Oak LinkedIn group at:

    My personal LinkedIn profile can be found at

    “Godfather of Twitter”?? Who the heck said that? ;)

    Thanks again! – j

    • pmottola permalink
      30 September 2009 4:02 pm

      Thanks, Jeff.

      We all see the landing page as a best practice.

      You’ll have to talk to Brandy at Donati Family about her Godfather remark. ;)

      – Paolo

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