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Elected Official Profile – Sarah Palin

20 July 2009

(1) WHY this site?

Sarah Palin has done a good job of using Twitter to take control of media messages and respond to criticism she has been receiving.

(2) Screen shot


(3) Data on tweets

Palin uses Twitter primarily to share her political views, quash rumors, and provide followers with a glimpse into her personal life.  She never uses @ replies or RTs, which means she never really has any conversation with followers.  Her tone is very informal.

(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

Date data downloaded : PST 10:53pm July 19th, 2009
Industry sector : Politics

Twitter ID : @akgovsarahpalin
Followers : 104,408
Following : 40
Ratio followers/following : 2610

Number posts : 456
Account created : 29 April 2009
First post : 29 April 2009

Creating New Energy for Alaskans as governor of the 49th state!

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :

@AKGovSarahPalin is former Alaska Governer and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  She recently resigned from the position of Governer of Alaska.

(5) Analysis

A. GeneralA-
(A.1) Background – Palin’s background is beautiful.  Very professionally done, and works well on all sizes of browser. A
(A.2) Avatar – Palin’s avatar is pretty slick looking.  It is professionaly done and very clearly Sarah Palin.  I particularly like that the background is black, removing any distractions from the portrait. A
(A.3) Bio – The bio doesn’t provide any real information about Sarah Palin except that she is governor of Alaska.  The term “New Energy” is capitalized, making it look important, but it isn’t really clear what New Energy is.  Does it stand for energy as excitement, or energy as in alternative energy to help get America off of gasoline?  These vague terms are best left for campaign slogans – not Twitter profiles.  To increase her grade here, Mrs. Palin needs more clarity in her bio. B-
(A.4) Transparency – The account is verified, and there are a lot of personal stories that make it really seem like it is Palin speaking.  Additionally, the fact that they are posted from TwitBerry makes it look like she is posted, as it makes sense she would be posting from a Blackberry rather than the web.  However, her lack of @ replies makes it look a little less personal, which brings the grade down from an A to an A-.  A-
(A.5) Bio Link – Palin’s link goes to the Governer of Alaska’s website, which is good for now, but will need to be changed when she officially leaves office. A

B. TweetsC
(B.1) Replies – 0/100
(B.2) ReTweets – 0/100
(B.3) DM requests – 0/100
(B.4) Hashtags -0/100
(B.5) (favorite tweets?) – 0/100
(B.6) Narrative summary – Sarah Palin doesn’t use Twitter for conversation – she uses it to broadcast her views and beliefs.  Rather than a way to learn, it is being used to tell people what is going on and attempt to control the media message.  With over 100,000 followers, this may not be the worst thing, but I think engaging in conversation would benefit Palin.

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) I really wonder why Palin never uses any conversational devices on Twitter.  Does she not understand?  Is it too overwhelming to talk with people?
(C.2) Use @ replies!  Talk to people!  She really needs to get engaged in the Twitter community if she wants to truly influence people.

D. Analytic Services (to come next week)

E. Conclusion
(E.1) Palin clearly had a very professional team put her page together and does a good job of updating on a regular basis.  She also gives insights into her life that add a personal touch to her Tweets.  However, her lack of engaging in coversation with users holds her back from truly being a Twitter wiz.  What is also interesting about her account is the name she chose.  By choosing to put AKGoverner in her name, she made certain she will need a new Twitter account when she is done being governor.  Since she announced her resignation just a few weeks ago, she will have to start moving over to a new Twitter account.  This is a lesson for elected officials – don’t tie your name to your current position!  It may change at any time!
(E.2) Scorecard Summary

General: A-

  • Background: A
  • Avatar: A
  • Bio: B-
  • Transparency: A-
  • Bio Link: A

Tweets: C

Overall: B

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