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Profile: Coffee Groundz

20 July 2009

Coffee Groundz is a Houston-based coffee shop that has gained international recognition for its use of Twitter. The company allows customers to order food and drinks using direct messages to @coffeegroundz. Twitter has even used Coffee Groundz as a case study in its new Twitter 101 section.

Date data downloaded : 7/25/2009
Industry sector : Food

Twitter ID : @coffeegroundz
Followers : 6,930
Following : 6,353
Ratio followers/following : 1.09
Number posts : 6,308

Bio: I am a strong cup of coffee and by night I am a Belgium beer. We are your local cheers! #SupportLocal #GrowTogether

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :
Flickr :

On Oct. 31, 2008, one Coffee Groundz customer changed the Twitter landscape when it received one short message:

Coffee Groundz

Coffee Groundz duly obliged, registering the first tweeted to-go order. This was a breakthrough moment for Coffee Groundz’s owner, JR Cohen. He leveraged Twitter as a main source for customer orders and reservations. Now Coffee Groundz fans can order food, or reserve seating.

JR Cohen talks about Twitter in this local news interview:

coffee groundz
Background –  C
The background is a basic coffee bean theme. It doesn’t have a particularly unique feel that would tie it to the Coffee Groundz brand.

Avatar – B
Coffee Groundz has gone for the traditional approach, using its company logo as an avatar.

Bio – C
Strangely, the bio doesn’t mention that customers can use Twitter to order or reserve seating. Although Coffee Groundz has received major publicity for its pioneering Twitter to-go service, new customers may go to the profile page looking for instructions.

Transparency – C
The account doesn’t identify the source of the Tweets. It’s unclear whether it’s the store owners, or employees that are writing on behalf of the store.

Coffee Groundz Twitter Stream Analysis

@ Replies – 25/100
Coffee Groundz makes a concerted effort to interact with fans and customers. Whether it’s sending a thankyou tweet, or answering a customer’s questions, the company effectively uses @ replies.

Retweets – 35/100 (including double RTs)
Coffee Groundz uses RT to highlight upcoming events at the store and to give information on the local community.

DM –
There are only two DM requests in the last 100 tweets, although the company uses DM use is primarily used for ordering and reservations

Hashtags – 18/100

The company frequently uses the #SLGT which stands for Support Local, Grow Together. It is backing up its commitment to the local community by directing followers to other local businesses and community events.

fav quote

Coffee Groundz uses its Twitter stream as a forum for conversation, frequently using @ and RT to engage with the local community. One negative is that the profile doesn’t highlight to-go twittering.

Tweet Stats - Coffee Groundz


It would be interesting to find out why the company hasn’t highlighted it’s groundbreaking use of Twitter on its company profile. Perhaps the press and Twitter case study have provided so much publicity that the company doesn’t need to advertise the to-go service?

Like The Albion Café, Coffee Groundz warrants profiling because of its unique use of Twitter. Although its profile has room for improvement (in terms of transparency and other best pratices), the company is fostering a sense of customer and community involvement through Twitter.

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