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Profile: Albion’s Oven

20 July 2009


The Albion Café may only have 968 followers, but it has something no other restaurant has – a tweeting oven. The company has installed BakerTweet, a device that tells followers when tasty treats are fresh from the oven.

Twitter ID : @albionsoven

Followers : 968

Following : 0

Ratio followers/following : 0

Number posts : 188

First post : 3/31/2009

Bio: I am the BakerTweet Box on the wall in The Albion. Every fresh baked tray of cakes and pastries gets a tweet by the baker, so you’ll know when to show up

URLS: Twitter :

Bio link :

About: The Albion Café is a shop/café/bakery in London. Poke, a digital creative agency, located across the street from the café, came up with the idea for a baker-proof box that would allow employees to easily transmit twitter messages every time an item came out of the oven. The box is pre-loaded with updates and as soon as the baked goods are ready, employees press a button to notify followers. Below is a video that illustrates the BakerTweet process .

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “BakerTweet on Vimeo”, posted with vodpod


Profile: The profile is very basic. It features a light pink background and the name of the café. The main purpose of the Twitter account is to send notifications, so there isn’t much need for an overly elaborate profile page. All the messages are directly from the BakerTweet box, so no @ or RT. The company is using the account for one-way communication, so it is not following anyone. Although the Albion Café’s profile isn’t showcasing any best practices, the company’s innovative use of Twitter definitely warrants profiling. Small businesses are taking full advantage of Twitter’s unique capabilities, allowing them to connect with customers in unexpected ways.

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