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3 Best Practices in Practice – Elected Officials

20 July 2009

1.) Claire McCaskill (@Clairecmc)

Best Practice – Be Real


My first profile was on Claire McCaskill, and for good reason – she does a great job with her Twitter voice.  This Tweet is an example of an elected official being real.  A few people responded to her previous Tweet “Frustrated we haven’t voted today. Hopefully soon. Meanwhile Chinese food in the cloakroom(paid for personally by Senators NOT by taxpayers),” and she responded using an apologetic, human tone.  This is impressive coming from an elected official.  It builds character and offers a human side to her Twitter interaction.  Moreover,  those that follow her on Twitter know she is listening!

Pelosi_avatar2.)Nancy Pelosi (@nancypelosi)

Best Practice – Be Transparent

Pelosi_bioNancy Pelosi’s twitter page does a good job of making it clear that it is not actually Nancy Pelosi Tweeting.  They would be even better if they revealed who was in charge of the Twitter account, but I think it is a good thing that they make it clear that it it news about Nancy Pelosi and not actually Nancy Pelosi.  This is made clear in both her Avatar and her bio.

3.) Jim DeMint (@JimDeMint)

Best Practice – Be Real


Jim DeMint gets a thumbs up for sharing his thoughts on bills going through congress.  He has made it very clear why he is against hate crime legislation this week, and has provided a few different arguments as to why he holds that belief.  He always uses a personal tone and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts.  Rather than just broadcasting news, DeMint shares his inner monologue with Twitter users.

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  1. 20 July 2009 10:51 pm

    Jon – the Pelosi account is an unofficial one. In my mind, that means it is not at all associated with her office.

    We need to define what ‘be real’ means! Part of that definition, in my opinion, would include analysis of types of tweets.

  2. jonhickey permalink
    20 July 2009 11:01 pm

    Looking at the page and reading the tweets, it appeared to be from her office, but after looking at the website link, it is clear it’s an aggregator. Woops! They are being transparent by making it clear it isn’t official, but I think it’s bad that they used her name for the account instead of one indicating it was an aggregator.

    I can put in a new best practice, if you’d like. I found another politician I really like.


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