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First Round: Best Practices

14 July 2009

Your ideas on what we might develop as best practices recommendations:

  • Avoid spamming
  • Be conversational (voice)
  • Be real (voice)
  • Culturally competent
  • Don’t sell, at least not all the time
  • Engagement/interaction:
    * respond to new followers
    * understand Twitter etiquette (@, RT, #)
    * follower policy (develop one)
    * learn from others (listen)
  • Integrate Twitter into your communications mix
    * Align with business objectives
    * Tell a story
    * Have a strategy
  • Listen, Understand, Act, Evolve (Margery)
  • Quality v Quantity
    * in both posts and followers
  • Respond quickly and appropriately
    * United Breaks Guitars
    * Amazon
  • Transparent
    * Murphy-Goode example (did not make clear not a popularity contest)

The posts:

  1. Anita
  2. Corey
  3. Filiz (np)
  4. Jessica
  5. Jon
  6. Margery
  7. Paolo
  8. Priti
  9. Rubi
  10. Sophia

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