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Profile Analysis – @clairecmc

13 July 2009

(1) WHY this site?

Claire McCaskill represents Missouri as a U.S. Senator.  She has been active on Twitter since January, 2009, and has done a great job of using a human voice in her Tweets.  She also is very transparent and reads all Tweets that mention her.

(2) Screen shot


(4) “Fill In The Blank” stats

Date data downloaded : Aug 25 2009
Industry sector : Politicians

Twitter ID : @clairecmc
Followers : 31,169
Following : 1
Ratio followers/following : 0
Number posts : 949

First post : Jan 17 2009


Twitter :
Bio link : none
Facebook :
Org website home :

Claire McCaskill represents Missouri as a U.S. Senator.  Elected in 2006, McCaskill is the first woman senator to be elected in Illinois.

(5) Analysis

A. General – B
(A.1) Background – Claire McCaskill’s background is pretty amatuer looking, as it is a simple photo that is repeated in an odd way.  I think she is missing an opportunity to give more information about herself, her policies, and provide some sort of call to action.  C
(A.2) Avatar – Her Avatar consists of an easily identifiabel close-up of herself, which is perfect.  A
(A.3) Bio – Claire McCaskill’s profile completely lacks a bio, which is a missed opporunity.  F
(A.4) Transparency – One of McCaskill’s strengths on Twitter is her transparency.  It is very clearly her behind the Twitter account.  A
(A.5) Bio Link – There is not link in the bio, which is yet another missed opportunity.  F

B. Tweets – A-
(B.1) Replies – 15/100 – Claire McCaskill does a good job of replying to citizens in a very reasonable tone.  Rather than lower the level of public discourse, she attempts to keep things as civil as possible.
(B.2) ReTweets – 0/100 – McCaskill doesn’t retweet very often.
(B.4) Hashtags – 3/100 – The hashtag used most by McCaskill is #MO, which is the hashtag for Missouri.  She has only used it a few times, however, so she isn’t really having conversations using it.
(B.6) Narrative summary – Most of Claire McCaskill’s conversations occur through @ replies.  I believe the true strength of Claire McCaskill on Twitter is her human voice and her honesty.  She feels more real than most other politicians on Twitter.

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Questions unearthed during analysis – My biggest question is why she hasn’t invested more time into creating her profile.  It appears she first made it in a hurry and never sat back down to improve it.
(C.2) Suggestions for improvement – My main suggestion would be to complete parts of her missing profile.  After that, I would work more on using hashtags to engage in conversations.

E. Conclusion

(E.1) Narrative – Claire McCaskill does a great job of using a human voice on Twitter.  She also is very civil in her engagement and mixes in a great blend of personal insights with her formal business.  While her profile certainly needs some work, I think she is one of the best politicians on Twitter.
(E.2) Scorecard Summary

  • General: B
  • Tweets: A-
  • Overall: A-

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