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Organization Profile: @Jumbotienda

13 July 2009

Date data downloaded : July 14
Industry sector :  Retail/grocery store

Twitter ID : @Jumbotienda
Followers : 750
Following : 808
Ratio followers/following : do the math (>1 is better, to a point)

Number posts : 157
Account created : April 8, 2009
First post : April 8, 2009


Jumbo Was funded back in 1960 by Horst Paulmann Kemna who started in the supermarket business at the end of the 50s. In 1960  it was inagurated first under the name of “Las Brisas” in Temuco, Chile.  Then it transformed in a supermarket chain that established its presence in main cities. In 1976 they change to Jumbo with a new concept: One stop only. The idea that people had to to buy everything they need in one place.  The first 7,000 thousend store was open.  From 1988 to 2005 they expanded to other regions in Chile and in Argentina.  In November 2007 they lunched their electronic supermarket web site

Twitter :
Bio link :
Facebook :
MySpace : NONE
LinkedIn : NONE
Org Blog :
Org website home :
Other (Mobile) :


Jumbo is one of the first chain of supermarkets that has adopted many of the e-commerce, social media and conversational-human model. They have 9,264 fans, in which they share recipes, current offers and news. They also have a blog, mobile devise application and a electronic system to purchase and door delivery.

(5) Analysis

A. General
(A.1) Background: It reflects the line of the store: Grocery store
(A.2) Avatar: they use their logo-avatar
(A.4) Transparency: Jumbo’s information is available to the public and when the audience demands attention to a particular issue, they respond or converse about it.
(A.5) Bio Link:

B. Tweets

(B.1) Replies: They reply to questions or suggestions.
(B.2) ReTweets: They have not used the RT.
(B.3) DM requests: They have used the DM with various clients.
(B.4) Hashtags: They have not used the hashtags yet.
(B.5) Favorite tweets: Casual tweets in which they great the audience or ask how day work  or driving to work was.
(B.6) Jumbo started to tween in an advertising way, but later they were able to change gears and addopted the conversation model. There are things that they can improve, but to be one of the first to incur in this conversation process, they are doing better than many other ratailers in South America.

C. Questions/Suggestions
(C.1) Why are they following more people than the number of people who are following them?
(C.2) Provide the names of the people who are tweeting on behalf of Jumbo to make it more human.

E. Conclusion

Jumbo has been able to provide a human presence through social media, it could be a model for other to follow in many parts of Latin America. Especially because they have incorporated the mobile application and mobile has reach critical mass in many parts of Latin America including Brazil and Mexico.

I have translated their tweets so that you can see the kind of messages that they post and receive.  They only have 157 seven posts because they recently started to use Twitter.  Their first tweet was on April 8, 2009 and their first tweets were only promotional, but later they changed into a more conversational way.  Very good change, it will be very good to know why this change and to see how this change has impacted their business. To see the screen shots visit Jumbo


Jumbo web:

Jumbo Twitter:

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