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One To Watch — @rfbo

13 July 2009

@rfbo is a non-profit food bank that excels at using Twitter.

Regional Food Bank
Location Oklahoma City, OK
Bio Hi! I’m Natalie Wright, the Development Coordinator at Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope

Stats 2,387 Following 2,273 Followers  170 Updates
Why? In just six months, the Regional Food Bank has amassed the largest number of followers I’ve found in the food bank arena. Also, they are only food bank that identifies the author of tweets. Natalie Wright, the Development Coordinator at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma,
is very conversational, posts a lot of replies, and re-tweets information from the community. She also offers up personal information (announced conference scholarship) and offers a mix of articles with conversations with volunteers and press announcements for the food bank. ALSO the only food bank account I’ve found that integrates other social media (Flickr in this case) into the tweets. She also posted a survey to request feedback on the posts. Unlike her peers, Natalie offers the only tweets which link readers to their volunteers and the clients they serve.

Screen shot from the Regional Food Bank Twitter accountScreen shot from the Regional Food Bank Twitter account

This is a great example of using Twitter to complete the feedback loop between donors, volunteers and the organization. She highlights all aspects of the organization, and how people can assist the food bank in non-traditional ways. Twitter is used as a tool well integrated tool in the food bank’s media portfolio, which also includes Facebook, wimgo, myspace and a series of videos.

The author is a recent grad of Oklahoma Oklahoma State University. Natalie Wright must have a contribution to this process, as the Twitter page for her side-project, @sophiezine, has 676 followers without a single Twitter. Her site,, does bring up a question: how to manage personal brands. She says “At the moment, I’m working full-time plus waiting tables on the side to earn some extra cash.” As a donor, I’d feel weird that the food bank isn’t paying enough!

Retweet rank: 16229 – approx 85.56 percentile Rank 48,858 out of 2,670,929 Followers 2,269 Following 2,487 Updates 170 Rating 98.2 out of 100 Analysis of influence within entire twitter community. Not an accurate estimation if you are only trying to reach a local audience:

* @rfbo’s most recent influence in Twitter, measured about 0 minutes ago, was rated as barely emerging based on a calculated score of 0.5 out of 100 which has been decreasing (-16.7%) since the previous analysis.

* @rfbo’s average influence in Twitter is slowly emerging based on a calculated score of 0.6 out of 100 calculated over 2 analyses.
* Your signal-to-noise ratio of 75.0% is astonishingly high and has recently been increasing (162.2%) – shows trends in Twitter. @RFBO wasn’t highly rated, not particularly helpful.

TweetStats: Not a lot of information, but they did offer a great link to a graph of the most recent stats: This was helpful to see who they are conversing with: donors, friends, etc… A way for bosses to check the conversation between organizations. Also, a good check to see track your conversation levels. No relevant information “In the last 170 updates you had no changes in your follower numbers. Loyal readers, you have. “

Sample Posts: Lucky day! Found out I got a scholarship to attend a @FeedingAmerica conference in Chicago & will attend a volunteer event with Beyonce!

Quick survey! Will you fill this out? It will help me understand what Twitter posts of mine are most relevant!

Check out photos of @ArdisWarren ’s son Benjamin when he came by to drop off food donations yesterday! Adorable!

Wipe out hunger! MIO paper towels benefit Food 4 Kids & are available at Walmart Supercenters, Crest, BUY-FOR-LE$$, and many other retailers.

@ArdisWarren Yes, you can drop off donations anytime M-F 8-5 at the front lobby. We’d be happy to arrange a tour ahead of time as well!

The Gazette’s Best of OKC voting has begun! I hear there is a “Best Nonprofit Organization” Award. Go vote!

Our Senior Feeding program is going strong! We have been so fortunate to have extra USDA items like the frozen chicken & frozen blueberries!
//Also, we added a new Homebound Seniors partner in Choctaw and Dibble. Next month, we plan on adding 3 new sites as well!

Department meeting with the executive director today… Just found out we were the first food bank in America to computerize?? Amazing.

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