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Company Profile: Blue Moon Burgers

13 July 2009

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@BlueMoonBurgers in a nutshell-

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  • First Tweet: June 1, 2009 (via
  • Author(s): Charlie
  • What’s done well: Used for marketing new products, sales, and neighborhood events. Replies to comments/suggestions.
  • What’s missing: Link to Twitter from website. Author and contact information on the left side. Information about where food products come from and their quality. Background is not appealing.Picture 3

Since moving to Fremont two years ago, Blue Moon Burgers has always been one of my favorite, local food stops. A few days after signing up for Twitter I rolled in for a burger and noticed a promotional poster telling customers to follow them on Twitter. I immediately grabbed my phone and began following them. So far I’ve learned about several events in my area from them including the infamous zombie walk and Fremont outdoor cinema. I’ve also gotten a couple of freebies including a Bacon Guacamole Burger and a Strawberry Shake.Picture 4

From reading through the post I found out several things about the author including his name. Charlie is likely the only person tweeting and it appears that he spends a fair amount of time reading comments and listening to the local pulse. As far as I can see, he replies to everyone who writes anything about the business including thanking customers for stopping in.

One area I found lacking was information about their vendors and about the quality of the food they serve. Maybe this isn’t important to some people but if your trying to convince people to buy a $7 burger, it might help. @wholefoods is one example of someone who does this well.

Some of the factors of integration also caught my attention. No link from the website to twitter? Great job of promoting the Twitter feed in the store but a simple website is no longer enough to entice customers to wander in. Last of all, the background needs an upgrade. Rather than a simple tiled logo, how about a large, juicy guac and bacon burger? The authors name, profile and contact info would also be helpful.

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  1. bluemoonburgers permalink
    14 July 2009 7:22 am

    coreyac: Thanks for the info, we are always trying to improve how we operate. I appreciate the comments regarding the ingredient info. We use All Natural Hormone Free Beef from Painted Hills, Cage Free Chicken, and Wild Salmon Burgers, we also hand cut our fries and use soybean oil to fry them. I guess we need a beeter way to convey that our customers.

    As for our current website, it blows and we are working on a new site that is friendly and more functional (it will also be smart phone friendly) so we will make sure to link our twitter account to the new sight as well as do a better job of incorporating our ingredients into the info we share with customers.




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