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12 July 2009

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Followers: 5,648

Following: 1,168

Posts: 463

Sector: Health Care

Background:Mayo Clinic- is a non-profit organization and internationally renowned group medical practice headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. Its headquarters consist of the Mayo Medical School, the Mayo Graduate School, the Mayo College of Graduate Medical Education, and several other health science schools. Its research facilities are in Rochester, Minnesota, in addition to hospitals and clinics in Jacksonville, Florida,Scottsdale, Arizona, and Phoenix, Arizona. Mayo Clinic partners with a number of smaller clinics and hospitals in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, an organization known as the “Mayo Health System”. ( Wikipedia)

Mayo Clinic’s use of Twitter-Information posted includes video, links to research articles, live and archived pod and vodcasts, mutiple blogs and clinic news feeds. Mayo Clinic’s resources have also been compiled according to health care topics on the website Alltop.

Mayo Clinic Twitter Strategy– Mayo Clinic appears to use the medium to distribute various informational channels for public use and for storytelling. Mayo Clinic uses Twitter for Mayo Clinic employee organizational communication and training. “Tweet Camp” is just one example of how they are using Twitter to host group training sessions for Mayo Clinic employees. The Tweet Camp III , is the third employee offering on “How to use Twitter”.

Page Elements-Mayo Clinic Biography

Name Mayo Clinic
Location Minnesota, Florida, Arizona
Web http://www.mayoclinic
Bio Excellent integrated group medical practice. Acct maintained by @leeaase. Following doesn’t = endorsement. To request follow, tweet @mayoclinic please follow.
Page Elements Transparency-The page is maintained by Lee Aase from the Mayo Clinic. The biography is concise and consistent with the organizations description. Additional information is provided describing who maintains the account and the process needed to follow Mayo Clinic. There is no direct link from the Mayo page to Lee’s biography but a quick search in Twitter pulled it up.

Picture 4

Name Lee Aase
Location Austin, MN USA
Web http://social-med…
Bio Chancellor, SMUG. Day job: Mayo Clinic social media manager. Opinions tweeted are solely my own, not my employer’s. Tweet @leeaase if you want me to follow you.
In Lee’s account he provides his personal biography along with a link to his website.

Posts-Retweets, (RTs) hash tags, (#) at signs (@) and page links make up the bulk of the Twitter posts. On the day of a live weekly Mayo Clinic radio show Medical Edge I counted 25 Tweets. Many of the tweets were informational in nature but there were also many @ interactions. The at signs suggest interaction, networking and support a Twitter best practice of reciprocal communication.

Additional Web 2.0 Use-Twitter is only one of the social media channels that Mayo Clinic is currently using, they started podcasting in 2005. Mayo Clinic also shares it’s knowledge about social media with the public. During my research I was able to locate many different types of resources from Mayo Clinic available on social media. One resource tells you directly how to use their media tools and offers a complete list.

10 Ways You Can Use Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Tools.

Conclusion-Mayo Clinic has a strong presence using social media and is seen as the leader of web 2.0 in the health care field. With the use of podcasts, Facebook, U-Tube and Twitter they are sharing powerful patient stories, health education and the story of Mayo Clinic.

Today health care organizations can begin the dialogue.  Using social media they can reach people directly, listen and share their stories and begin the process of creating a global community that understands and values who they are.

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  1. 13 July 2009 6:07 am

    Thanks for your excellent overview. We’re working hard to engage with people through Twitter as much as we can, and to train staff so we can broaden the level of interaction. We all have a lot to learn about the best ways to use Twitter and incorporate social media in our organizations, but it’s a really exciting time to experiment and learn together.


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